March 2009

Middle-aged park attendant sexually assaulted teen

A middle-aged park attendant who sexually assaulted a promising teenage athlete has escaped jail but been ordered to work for free in the community.

Sentencing 46-year-old Arthur Rosigi at the Old Bailey on Friday, Judge John Milford QC said he could not legally impose a custodial sentence for Rosigi’s three counts of sexual assault, because his offences were not serious enough.

But he told the defendant, himself a father or two girls, that he had been in a position of trust when he attacked the 16-year-old on July 26 last year, at Finsbury Park Track and Gym.

He said: “You were persistent in your offending, you haven’t come to terms with your offence and you’re clearly attracted to women much younger than yourself.

“You were employed to safeguard the customers, she was still at school.”

Rosigi tried to kiss the teenager and pull down her shorts while he worked as track receptionist for Haringey Council, which runs the park.

He tried touching her breast and locked her in his office before offering her oral sex.

Two offences were committed in quick succession before she went onto the track to train.

Undeterred by her negative reaction, Rosigi continued to pester her on her return.

Judge Milford said Rosigi’s refusal to admit guilt meant that the 16-year-old had to relive her experiences in court.

“This has exacerbated considerably the harm you have done to the girl and made a great impact on her,” he said.

At the suggestion of crown prosecutor, Julian Jones, he imposed a court order which prevents Rosigi working anywhere he has unsupervised contact with young girls aged 11 to 17 inclusive, being on the premises of the Finsbury Park track and being in any sporting or recreational premises where there is a changing room used by girls aged between 11 and 17.

Rosigi must also attend a sexual offenders course at the same time as doing community service for 200 hours.

He was ordered to sign the sex offenders register and his name will remain there for a period of five years.

But the judge was not able to make a compensation order despite saying it was “richly deserved” because the defendent was too poor.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, can still seek civil proceedings.

Rosigi, of Somerford Grove Estate, Stoke Newington, also worked in White Hart Lane Community Sports Centre.

Defence counsel Ramiz Gursoy said Rosigi, who had no previous convictions, had lost both jobs, was not entitled to any benefits and was facing losing his home.

He added: “He’s very hard working and has been in this country for 20 years and never got into trouble. The risk of him reoffending is low. He has learnt his lesson.”

Rosigi was unanimously convicted by an Old Bailey jury of two counts of sexual assault and found guilty of a third by a majority of 10 to two on January 28.

After he was led from the court, Judge Milford expressed his condolences to the victim, who he had earlier praised for her “eloquent” impact statement.

“I hope very much that she can put this unpleasant experience behind her and find success on the track as well.” he said.