Dec 2011

Perverts jailed for sex acts with child and dog


A DEPRAVED woman who had sex with a child and with a dog while her boyfriend filmed her has been put behind bars for 16 months.

Canterbury Crown Court heard that Tracy Woolridge, 45, of Downs Road, Canterbury, was totally under the control of perverted Gary Underhill, a paedophile who was sentenced there on Monday to four years in prison. He will be on an extended licence for a further four years once he is released.

Underhill, 35, of Duck Lane, Canterbury, admitted possessing 75 indecent films of children and 117 indecent photos of children, including four involving animals that were described as “extreme”, and three charges of taking indecent images of children.

He also admitted aiding and abetting Woolridge to have sex with the dog and with a girl under 13.

She admitted two counts of sex with the dog and one with a child under 13.

Sentencing Woolridge, also known as Tracy Scamp, Judge Adele Williams said: “You allowed yourself to take part in a sexual act with a dog. You allowed indecent photographs to be taken with a child. You must bear responsibility for that.”

Woolridge was banned from working with children and keeping a pet for 10 years.

The pair were arrested after indecent photographs were found at Underhill’s home. Officers recognised Woolridge from the photographs.

The judge blasted Underhill for instigating the photo session with the dog and the child.

He was also given a sexual offences prevention order, which will control his access to the internet, children and dogs for an indefinite period.

Judge Williams said: “This is depravity of a high degree. When you say your motivation was research and curiosity you delude nobody but yourself.

“You are perverted and depraved. You encouraged your co-defendant to indulge in sexual acts with a dog and when you were questioned you sought to blame your co-defendant. I reject that.

“You are the person who must have been involved in the largest share of offending. Most disturbing is that you took obscene photographs of young children. You and your co-defendant abused a child for your gratification.

“I conclude that you are a significant risk to children.”

Afterwards, Detective Inspector Matthew Long, of Kent Police Public Protection Unit, said there would be no hiding place for perverts who download obscene images. He said: “Underhill indulged in his crimes for his own gratification. He encouraged sexual acts between an adult and a child and also of bestiality.

“Woolridge has taken part in extreme acts of bestiality and the sexual abuse of a child. I’m pleased we have been able to prevent further abuse being inflicted viewed or downloaded by these people.”

RSPCA spokeswoman Klare Kennett said: “This was a very disturbing case and it is horrific to think of this couple taking advantage of the vulnerability of the innocent victims in this way.”