December 2009

Earlsfield scientist escapes jail term for child porn

A scientist from Earlsfield escaped jail on Friday after admitting owning a library of child porn at Kingston Crown Court.

Jan Wozinski, 62, of Garratt Lane, had 414 indecent images of children stored on his computer – plus 600 images of “extreme porn”.

The court heard he was interested in bestiality pornography and went on Russian websites to look for images of adolescent girls.

He used his work computer to request the images, which included Indian schoolgirls, and later viewed them alone.

Officers raided his house on May 14 when colleagues at Corus UK, based in central London’s Millbank, found the internet archive and called police.

His lawyer, Isabella Forshall, said Wozinski was living alone after the breakdown of his second marriage and was going through a rough time.

She said: “Mr Wozinski is candid about his motives, saying that he was confused by his own feelings and ashamed about what he’d done.”

She added he did not mean to build up the library, but the computer had done it automatically as he browsed the internet.

Wozinski was sacked over the incident, and was prevented from seeking work in the Middle East when police seized his passport.

He pleaded guilty on November 11 to six counts of making and one count of owning indecent images of children, at levels one to four.

He also pleaded guilty to one count of owning extreme pornography.

Judge Campbell opted for a community order rather than prison, saying it would allow for better rehabilitation.

He said: “Although what I’m doing may seem to be a lenient course to take, it will in effect mean you are under the control not just of the probation service but also of the court for the next three years.”

He imposed a three year supervision order requiring Wozinski to attend a group sex offenders’ group work programme.

He has also been banned from chatrooms for 10 years and storing photos of people under 18 on his computer.

His hard drive will be destroyed and he has been ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for the next five years.