Febuary 2013

Paedophile who attacked girl in church jailed for attacks on girls in Plymouth


A PAEDOPHILE who sexually assaulted one girl in a church and another near a play park has been locked up.

Judge Graham Cottle branded Kevin Davis a “complete menace” as he jailed him for four and a half years.

The 49-year-old indecently touched a six-year-old girl in a church before assaulting her at her home the next day, Plymouth Crown Court heard.

He spent 18 months in prison for related offences – but assaulted a five-year-old girl within weeks of his release.

Davis touched the stranger on steps near a play park in the city before he was caught by neighbours, a court heard.

Judge Cottle said he would have liked to have locked Davis up indefinitely until he was treated and assessed as no longer a risk.

But he said a recent change in the law made that impossible.

“He is a complete menace,” the judge added. “He has been for years and he knows it too.”

Davis, who has a record of sex crimes going back more than 20 years, was jailed for a total of four and a half years for three offences. He was also given an extended licence of six years, meaning he will be supervised upon release and any further offence will return him to jail until the end of that period.

Davis, whose address is recorded as Exeter Prison, admitted sexual assault of a girl aged under 13 on April 13 last year.

He also admitted the assault put him in breach of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

Davis also admitted sexual assault of another girl aged under 13 on May 15, 2010.

The court heard the 2010 offence had been ordered to lie on file but was brought back to court after the new assault.

Prosecutor David Gittins said Davis had befriended the parents of the first victim through their church.

He said he used to turn up at their home and was once briefly left alone with the girl. Mr Gittins said she later told her mother she had been indecently assaulted there and also touched the previous day in church.

The court heard Davis was given a three-year prison sentence for two breaches of his Sexual Offences Prevention Order in November 2010. He had befriended other parents at the church to get to their children.

Mr Gittins said Davis sat next to the second girl on steps near a play park in Plymouth and touched her indecently at about 4.45pm in April last year.

A family friend spotted him moments later and he was detained by neighbours.

Deni Matthews, for Davis, said he had accepted his offences and had in the past tried to tackle his offending. He had gone 10 years without being convicted up to 2002.

The father of the second victim said Davis should have been jailed for longer.

Indefinite sentences were scrapped in December last year after being decreed unlawful.

“I am really angry,” the dad told The Herald. “He has done this over and over again.

December 2012

Paedophile attacked young girl weeks after jail release

A MAN who sexually assaulted two girls has been branded a “menace to children” by a judge.

Judge Graham Cottle warned 49-year-old Kevin Davis that he is facing jail AGAIN

He told Plymouth Crown Court: “This man is a menace when he is around young children.”

Judge Cottle asked a probation officer to assess how much of a risk Davis posed to the public. He was remanded in custody until his sentence on January 25.

The court heard he assaulted one girl within weeks of his release from prison for a previous offence.

Davis, whose address is recorded as Exeter Prison, admitted before the judge to sexual assault of a girl aged under 13 on April 13 this year.

He also admitted sexual assault of another girl aged under 13 on May 15 2010.

Davis had earlier admitted breach of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order relating to contact with the victim in April.

Plymouth Crown Court heard the 2010 offence had been ordered to lie on file but was brought back to court after the new offence.

A previous hearing before magistrates was told the second girl was assaulted on the steps of some flats in the city.

Deni Matthews, for Davis, said he had been released from prison in April and was due to go to another part of the country where support was available.

The court heard Davis had already been recalled to serve the remainder of a previous sentence and was not due for release until May next year.

Judge Cottle said: “It may be an extended prison sentence is still available, with a long-ish licence period so an eye can be kept on him in the community, so we know where he is and what he is doing.”

He added any new prison sentence could be added to his current term.

April 2012

Paedophile offender in breach of order after unsupervised contact

A CONVICTED paedophile has been returned to jail after breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

Kevin Davis, of Lawson House in Paradise Place, Stoke, appeared at Plymouth Magistrates Court charged with having unsupervised contact with a female under the age of 18, which was prohibited by his SOPO handed to him in June 2004.

Davis, aged 48, pleaded guilty to the offence which took place on April 13 this year.

Eoin McCarthy, for the Crown Prosecution Service, told the court how Davis was prohibited from approaching or initiating physical contact with a child.

He had been seen by a witness in a communal stairway in Granby Street flats sat beside a five-year-old girl. It is understood the girl did not reside at the flats.

Mr McCarthy said: “As soon as the witnesses regarded the scene he [Davis] moved away physically from her. The child was visibly upset.”

He said the witness challenged Davis who replied “I didn’t do anything”.

Mr McCarthy said Davis’ record showed previous breaches of the same order which was dealt with by Plymouth Crown Court last November with a two year sentence. His licence had now been revoked and he was subject of a recall to prison.

Plymouth magistrates said their sentencing powers were insufficient and the case would be sent to Plymouth Crown Court for sentence on May 18.

November 2010

Convicted paedophile joined church to sexually abuse little girls

A CONVICTED paedophile joined a Plymouth church and befriended families to sexually abuse little girls, a court heard.

Kevin Davis, was jailed again yesterday at Plymouth Crown Court after admitting three breaches of a SOPO – Sexual Offences Prevention Order – designed to keep him away from children

Davis, 47, denied a charge of sexually touching a child, which prosecutor David Gittins asked should lie on file.

The court heard that in May 2004, Davis was jailed for 18 months after admitting sexually assaulting a child. He was also subject to five years’ extended supervision and a lifetime SOPO banning him from unsupervised contact with children, trying to form a physical relationship with children and from accessing internet pornography.

Mr Gittins said Davis joined Engage Southwest in St Levan’s Road, formerly Carmel Church, where the senior minister was briefed about his past.

The church appointed eight senior members to supervise him, but these did not include the parents of the two girls he subsequently targeted.

Senior pastor Mike Symonds, speaking after the case, said he was ‘very saddened’ but stressed that the church took child protection very seriously.

Davis, who was married in the church in 2007, used his friendship with one woman to gain access to her six-year-old daughter.

After one incident the woman found the girl hiding behind the sofa. She asked if she could eat in her room and later told her mother that Davis had put his arm round her and touched her indecently.

He had also befriended the family of a seven-year-old girl, though Davis said he was alone with her only once and had not touched her indecently.

Mr Gittins said Davis had offences of indecent assaults on young girls dating back to 1991, and had also been convicted of taking indecent photos of a girl aged six.

Llewellyn Sellick, for Davis, said a system set up by the church had proved inadequate.

Pleading guilty meant no child would have to testify, he said.

His client, a qualified teacher, had worked in a variety of jobs and his wife, while not blind to his past, was very supportive. Judge Francis Gilbert QC told Davis, whose address was given as HMP Exeter: “You have a bad record of sexual interference with young girls.”

He said it was clear his contact with the families was intended to lead to indecent touching.

Judge Gilbert jailed Davis for three years, less 172 days spent on remand, and ordered him to remain on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

Outside the court, Detective Constable Ian Gilbert said: “Police work closely with the Probation Service and other agencies to manage offenders in the community; however, if they are determined to re-offend they will find a way.

“Davis offended again only towards the end of a five-year period of extended supervision.

“He is an entrenched paedophile with a history of offending against children and is probably incapable of changing his behaviour.”

Senior pastor Mike Symonds of Engage Southwest, said: “I am very saddened by all of it.

“We take child protection very seriously. If we had the slightest suspicion we would have informed the police.”

Mr Symonds stressed the incident with the families did not take place in the church and the visits by Davis to the two families were not on church business.

He said: “We took all reasonable steps. He was observed secretly during all of his activities at the church. He could only be supervised on the premises.”

June 2004

Paedophile attacked young girl

A “confirmed paedophile” who abused the six-year-old daughter of a woman he befriended at a Devon Bible class has been jailed for 18 months.

At Plymouth Crown Court Kevin Davis, 41, of Broadwoodwidger, near Lifton, pleaded guilty to indecent assault.

The court heard the girl was assaulted at her home in August while her mother was on the phone.

Davis was also given an extended sentence of three-and-a-half years supervision for after his release.

Plymouth Crown Court heard that Davis met the single mother-of-two, who has learning difficulties, through her church and they became friendly.

Andrew Maitland, prosecuting, said Davis had gone out for the day with the woman on 18 August 2003 and returned to her house in the evening.

While the mother took a lengthy telephone call from a relative, he assaulted the girl.

The following day he admitted to the mother that he had previous convictions for abusing children, although he did not tell her what he had done to her daughter.

Prison sentences

The court heard that Davis had previously served prison sentences for assaults against children in 1991 and 1992, and was given a community rehabilitation order for possessing and making indecent photographs of children in November 2002.

Judge William Taylor said: “I regret to say you are a confirmed paedophile.

“These matters in my judgment are so serious that only a custodial sentence can be justified.”

Davis must undertake a sex offenders’ treatment programme.

The judge also made a sexual offences probation order banning Davis from having unsupervised contact with children under 18 for life, and ordered him to remain on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.