May 2016

‘Bishop of Medway’ child-rapist holed up in council flat beside primary school and playground


A NOTORIOUS child-rapist has been put in a flat next to a primary school.

Roger Gleaves also has a taxpayer-funded view of a nursery and an adventure playground.

The beast, who spent more than half a century preying on kids, has been housed in the upper floor flat after his latest jail term — 15 years for raping two boys aged 14.

Previously he targeted youngsters by posing as a social worker and a vicar — donning a dog collar and calling himself the “Bishop of Medway”.

Now 84 with a huge white beard, he dons glasses and a trilby in Tottenham, North London, when he ventures from his cosy flat in a block boasting a concierge.


He snarled as The Sun caught him leering at pupils of Brook House Primary: “Mind your own f****** business.”

He added: “If I was going to do anything it would have happened by now.”

The block he lives in is packed with families. A resident blasted Haringey council, saying: “What were they thinking? It is disgusting and sick.

“If and when families discover there is one of Britain’s worst ever paedophile’s living amongst them, there will be a riot.

“It’s just wrong. This is not the right place for him.”

His method of grooming and abusing children was simple. At night he trawled around Euston Station, Piccadilly Station and Victoria Coach Station in his Bishops regalia.

bishop medway

He found runaways who needed a bed for the night. He put them up in one of his 20 “children’s hostels” most of which were squats. He gave them false ID cards and claimed the Department of Health and Social Security money for each resident. Cooking facilities were almost non existent, as were toilets and food was in short supply.

He had a fetish for uniforms and spent much time sewing gold braid and social worker badges onto adapted RAF uniforms.

He had at least 27 bank accounts which other than abusing children were where his priorities lay. 

He operated under various registered charity name and numbers, taking advantage of the false belief that the Charities Commission checks in some way and peoples perceptions that the organisation must be legitimate, safe or good. He even managed to get a couple of unsuspecting high profile patrons – an MP and a Lord.

The religious titles were from various branches of obscure church sects with names such as Old Catholic Church of Great Britain.

His further scams were a take from the thieving and prostitution arranged at or from his hostels. Also he arranged for children aged 14 to work as security guards and have the money paid to him.

He then took his pick of the poor, needy children to abuse at night. He was a relentless child abuser who has probably sexually abused thousands of children.

Roger Gleaves was notorious for his violent approach when people crossed him and he had an entourage of people who owed him favours who were willing to indulge in violence. Billy “Two Tone” was a friend of a Hackney hostel warden Jim Hyland who had argued with Gleaves and left for Brighton.

Two groups of men tortured Billy to find out the wardens whereabouts. The second crew knifed him 20 times and left him dead by the side of the road. They got life sentences but Gleaves only received 4 years for buggery, indecent assaults and assaults and he was out in 2 years.

He continued his charity registrations, false names, social security fraud, dodgy security work, church sects, debt retrieval companies and raping children all his life and yo-yoed in and out of jail.

He spent his time in prison gaining academic qualifications and various legal courses. He used this knowledge to launch an avalanche of over 50 private prosecutions,  on all who had annoyed him including his barber for a bad hair cut, until he was labelled a vexatious litigant.

This meant he was limited in having to apply to the High Court if he wishes to bring an action.

November 2011

Child rapist’s court bid on slopping out

ONE of Britain’s most evil paedophiles waged war on “slopping out” in prison today – claiming it infringes his HUMAN RIGHTS.

Child rapist Roger Gleaves 77who called himself the “Bishop of Medway”. He is being held in Albany jail after being sentenced to life for raping two 14-year-old boys in 1998.

Another paedophile, Richard Becker, 58, who was HIV positive when he attacked one of the boys also abused by Gleaves, was jailed for six years in February 1998. 

Gleaves, from Tottenham, North London, has been in and out of prison for a series of child sex crimes he committed over a 40-year period

He is claiming damages of £2,600 while he serves time in Albany prison on the Isle of Wight for the rape of two boys

The Ministry of Justice is fighting the action – because if he wins old jails that do not have in-cell loos would need upgrading at a cost of hundreds of millions of pounds to the taxpayer.

We told in 2006 how Gleaves had won legal aid to fight his case — costing the public purse £50,000 in lawyers’ fees alone.

The High Court action has been brought by him and another ex-Albany inmate, 30-year-old Desmond Grant.

Slopping out was officially abolished in the UK in 1996 but a watchdog warned last year that 2,000 cells across ten prisons still had no in-cell sanitation and the use of buckets at night continued.

Gleaves was jailed for 15 years at the Old Bailey in 1998 for his crimes.

And he told Mr Justice Hickinbottom that his claim could not have arisen 100 years ago as all cells then had full sanitation. Plumbing was removed in 1900 to stop prisoners tapping messages to each other on the pipes.

He said: “The situation in regard to the use of buckets is deplorable because not every prisoner chooses to use it as the target for waste

“Many put newspaper on the floor, use that and throw it out of the window.

“The use of this type of sanitation in cells is demeaning, utterly despicable in relation to people’s behaviour and upsetting to a number of inmates who have never encountered such a practice before. It should never have been allowed.”

Gleaves and Grant have argued that their rights have been violated under Article Three of the Act, which prohibits inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, or Article Eight, which protects private and family life.

James Eadie QC, for the MoJ, said: “The sole issue is whether the conditions in which these two prisoners were held were degrading.”

April 1998

15 years for pervert ‘bishop’

A BOGUS bishop who indulged in “foul perversions” with two 14- year-old boys was jailed for 15 years at the Old Bailey yesterday. Roger Gleaves, 65, who called himself the Bishop of Medway, was “a more than ordinary danger to children”, which was why a long sentence was required, said Judge Giles Forrester.

Richard Becker, 58, another paedophile, who was HIV positive when he attacked one of the boys also abused by Gleaves, was jailed for six years in February.

Sentencing Gleaves yesterday, the judge said: “I cannot tell what harm or damage you may have done to either or both of these boys. But I am sure each was deliberately targeted by you.” He said both boys were particularly vulnerable, one with learning difficulties, the other with a psychiatric condition. The judge said Gleaves deliberately set out to gain the confidence of the boys and their families so that he was trusted by them.

The court heard Gleaves had previous convictions for offences against boys.

The judge said: “I have to consider the question of public safety and in particular the safety of children. That is why the sentence must be a long one.”

The two boys who were sexually abused had stayed overnight with Gleaves with the permission of their parents to learn first aid.

Gleaves, of Northumberland Park, Tottenham, north London, was found guilty of rape, attempted rape, incitement of one boy to rape another, and three counts of indecent assault. He was cleared of a further rape charge. The offences took place in the final six months of 1996 and in the following January, when the boys were 14.


(News of the World, 24th October 1982)

Roger Gleaves, the self-styled bishop branded as a menace to young boys, is up to his tricks again. Only months after being freed from his latest jail sentence, he is recruiting youngsters for a private security squad.

His firm, GB Security Services, is identical to a company he owned last year before being sentenced to 18 months for social security frauds.

Running it under an assumed name, he has hoodwinked local authorities and businessmen into hiring his services when he had previously been banned.

Gleaves—exposed in the TV documentary Johnny Go Home, about runaway boys lured into homosexuality—was convicted in August last year of falsely claiming social security.

The News of the World revealed at the time how he had been trying to entice his young employees into bed and sending them out to draw dole money.

Some of 50-year-old Gleaves’ security boys have been recruited from a YMCA hostel for problem youngsters in Tottenham, London.

Eighteen-year-old Kerry Connor, was approached by him at a hostel for newly-released offenders in Enfield, Middlesex.

Connor, who had been in prison for carrying an offensive weapon, said: “He told me that if I moved into his flat, did the cleaning, washing, shopping and ironing and slept with him once or twice a week, he’d buy the food, pay the rent, and all my money from the security firm and the dole would be mine.

“I said I’d never been with a bloke and didn’t intend to. But I didn’t mind guarding gay clubs, as he’d suggested, if the money was right.”

Gleaves set up his firm under the name Adam Smith—the latest in a series of aliases which has even included the names of News of the World reporters.

His first customers were the British Red Cross Society, who wanted security men for a lavish fancy dress function at Theobalds College, near Waltham Cross, Herts.

His young guards checked invitations and kept an eye on the bar while Gleaves watched over the VIP guests, including the Mayor of Enfield Miss Phyllis Oborn, and MPs Tim Eggar and Ted Graham.

Later Gleaves won a lucrative contract with boxing promoter Frank Warren, the man planning to stage former heavyweight champion Joe Bugner’s comeback fight.

But his chances of being Bugner’s bodyguard were dashed after we told the fight boss who he was.

Mr Warren said: “A man called Smith approached me and offered very cheap rates. I hired ten of his men for a boxing show in a Bloomsbury hotel.

“Had I known who Smith really was I’d have been tempted to put him in the ring.”

A spokesman for Brent Council, where Gleaves provided guards for a music festival said: “We’ve banned this man before. Thank you for letting us know.”

Gleaves still keeps up his connection with his breakaway Old Catholic Church, in which he gave himself the title Bishop of Medway.

We traced him to the home of one of his “priests” – a council flat in King’s Cross.

The priest, 83-year-old William Winley, told me: “Roger says you’ll be lucky to get away alive if you call on him. He says he’s got a surprise for you.”

Gleaves has been excommunicated from the Episcopal Apostolic Church, which he founded with “Archbishop” Illtyd Thomas in 1977.

Mr Thomas held the excommunication ceremony in the front room of his home in Muswell Hill, London ,and said: “He had made a mockery of the church.

“He called here recently and spent the night in an upstairs room with one of his guards.

The following morning he was boasting about his conquest.

“We want nothing more to do with him.”

We finally met Gleaves at an indoor market in The Archway, Islington, where he has an office.

When we asked him about the youths he recruited he hurled obscenities and shut himself in his office, sending out a young man who made threats to us.