April 2012 – Update

Ray Wright of Crossroad, Wellingborough still poses a continued threat to young boys. Wright has a history of paedophilic activitys including accessing indecent images and making videos of children, and a alledged sexual assault on a 5 year old boy back in the early 80’s. Our sources say that he regulary walks his dogs in local parks and areas where children are present. His wife is said to be standing by him.

October 2010

My dad is a paedophile

A WOMAN who set up a Facebook campaign warning parents of her paedophile dad is facing arrest for harassing him.

Ray Wright a hero of the 7/7 bomb attacks — is on the Sex Offenders Register after downloading sick images of kids.

After being sacked as a Tube driver he started a carpet cleaning firm. Mum-of-three Michelle then launched her online group  “Ray Wright The Paedophile”

It now has 2,380 members.

She also wrote to Wright, 59, demanding the return of a video he shot of her two naked sons in the bath in 2000.

Days later police visited her, threatening her with arrest. Michelle, 29, of Watford, Herts, said: “I am appalled he can be allowed into homes. Parents should be aware of who he is.”

Wright runs Northampton-based Carpet Bright Limited. In 2005 he led passengers on his Aldgate train to safety after the London bomb blasts.

He refused to comment.