September 2023

Headteacher who sexually assaulted two young female pupils with special needs is caged

A headteacher who sexually assaulted two young female pupils has been jailed.

Angus Blackmore, 59, “isolated” and groomed the girls, both under 13 and with special educational needs.

His trial heard he also viewed child abuse images and clips on his school laptop.

He tried to blame the computer images on his children, who supported him at trial at Aylesbury crown court, Bucks.

The attacks — one of which was seen by a colleague — happened at two schools in High Wycombe between 2015 and 2018.

Judge Jonathan Cooper, sentencing at Aylesbury Crown Court, told the defendant: “You have been described as a good character by people who claim to know you very well.

“You have been described as a model teacher, a model father, a model colleague and friend.

“However, these people do not know you well at all.

“Not one of the people close to you who have written to me is apparently aware that you were living a double life as a paedophile with a sexual interest in primary school-aged girls.”

Blackmore, of Tylers Green, Bucks, was found guilty of four sex assault charges and jailed for four-and-a-half years.