September 2023

Man, 25, caught having sex with a COW after farmers grew suspicious their animals were being abused and installed alarms

A 25-year-old man was caught raping a young cow after triggering an alarm set up by farmers who had grown suspicious their livestock were being abused.

Liam Brown sneaked onto a farm in Burton, near Christchurch, Dorset, in the dead of night to commit the vile act.

But he was detected by the farm’s new surveillance system and caught on the premises by farmers who rushed to the scene to apprehend him.

A DNA sample taken from a calf proved ‘intercourse’ had taken place on June 12, 2022.

Brown sobbed as he pleaded guilty to sexual penetration with a living animal and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal at Poole Magistrates Court.

The case has been transferred to Bournemouth Crown Court for sentencing as magistrates said Brown could now face a custodial sentence.

Prosecuting, Charles Nightingale said the farm had installed alarms and surveillance systems after becoming concerned about the welfare of their young livestock.

He said Brown had been known to the farmers since he was a child due to the fact members of his family members had previously been employed at the farm.

Mr Nightingale said: ‘The defendant was known to the family for a number of years since he was a child as members of his family used to be employed by the farm.

‘The defendant was found by members of the farming family who had concerns regarding the welfare of the young livestock in question and set up alarms in the area.

‘On the night in question they were alerted by alarms and equipment they had set up with the result that the defendant was found.

‘Subsequently, samples were taken from the animal confirming the intercourse in question.’

Brown, of Grosvenor Gardens, Bournemouth, was addressed by the magistrates who said: ‘It is going to crown court because the offences are so serious it is possible you need greater punishment than we can give.’

The sentencing will take place on September 22.