September 2023

Serial rapist brought to Scotland as child after depraved dad jailed for vile sex crimes

A sex predator caged for a series of rapes only came to Scotland after his dad was locked up in Enfland for his own horrific sex crimes, we can reveal.

Bradley Isherwood, 25, was brought north by his mum as evil paedophile Derek Beardmore, 47, began a jail term for abusing a young girl and sharing vile images of kids with fellow paedos online.

And last night a top forensic psychologist told how being raised by a child molester may have played a role in tattooed Isherwood also becoming a predator.

Isherwood was jailed for ten years at the High Court in Edinburgh last week after being convicted of rapes and sexual assaults on two women and a a girl of 14.

Isherwood was jailed last Tuesday for preying on his victims near his home in Leith, Edinburgh, and also in Musselburgh, East Lothian.

He was brought to Scotland after his pervert dad was given an “indeterminate” sentence in 2006 for sickening child abuse.

Former supermarket security guard Beardmore took pictures of himself carrying out a sex attack on his young victim then sent them to a creep he had met on an online chatroom.

He was snared after detectives in Canada probing sex crimes told UK cops the disgusting images had originated in the Manchester area.

Officers were able to match a crude poke-and-stick tattoo and moles on Beardmore’s hands to those of the paedo in the indecent photos.

Police then raided his home in Rochdale and found a further 80 revolting pictures.

Beardmore, admitted two charges of sexual assault against a child plus another sex assault and other offences.

Manchester Crown Court heard he abused the child while she was awake and asleep and took photos of her coming out of the bath or undressed.

A judge told him he posed a “significant risk to the public”. Beardmore was given an indefinite sentence and licence for life and told he must serve at least two years in prison.

Isherwood, who was educated at a residential school for troubled youngsters, shares his dad’s love of tattoos.

He has a cut-throat razor, love hearts and the words “haunted”, “kiss” and “in love” inked across his face.

The sicko was brought to justice after his victims bravely gave evidence against him at a trial. They included a girl who was 14 when her ordeal began.

She told how she was “still a baby” when she was attacked.

Another, who was molested for nearly six years until December 2021, told how she thought she’d be killed.

The woman told the court Isherwood raped her while his pal in the next room cheered him on and played the Kings of Leon track Sex On Fire.

Judge Lord Tyre told him he had been convicted of a “shocking catalogue of violent behaviour”.

Before his conviction, vain Isherwood had uploaded around 250 TikTok videos of him working out while topless.