August 2023

‘Dangerous’ paedophile said he wanted to ‘kidnap, rape and kill’ children

A 24-year-old man pretended to be a young woman to lure children into speaking to him and sending him sexual images, and said he wanted to kidnap, rape and kill children.

Aaron Turvey also produced indecent images of children he came into contact with and took photographs of him engaging in sexual activity with children, a sentencing hearing at Swansea Crown Court has heard.

Using chat service Telegram, Turvey confided in other paedophiles a “desire” to kidnap children, rape them and then kill them.

He later told the Probation Service that he said this as a ploy to deter other paedophiles from doing the same – a story which was rubbished in court.

Officers from Dyfed Powys Police raided Turvey’s home at Heol Llethryd in Pontyberem, Carmarthenshire in May and December last year as part of a drawn out investigation into him.

On seized phones and laptops belonging to Turvey officers found 1,411 illegal images of children, including 432 category A images, 431 category B images, 545 category C images, two images of extreme pornography, and one prohibited image. They also uncovered his Telegram account he was using to interact with like-minded criminals.

Alycia Carpanini, prosecuting, told the court one of the category A images discovered involved a girl aged three in “clear physical distress”, while a category B image involved a boy younger than three.

An additional 39 images emerged later which included images of Turvey performing a sexual act with two children on separate occasions. Often Turvey would try to obtain the images by bribing children, the court heard.

Ms Carpanini explained how the defendant sometimes pretended to be a 20-year-old woman on Snapchat to speak with underage boys.

He received indecent photographs from them before one of the children became suspicious and asked Turvey to send a live image of himself.

Turvey responded by admitting he wasn’t female and sending a picture of his penis.

His mobile phone showed how after saying he wanted to kidnap, rape and kill children, he told other paedophiles online “I don’t want to make any plans until I know what is happening with me,” making reference to the police investigating him.

Turvey had no previous convictions, but Judge Wayne Beard said he was “clearly dangerous”. “You pose a high risk of causing harm to children, which could include the fatality of a child,” Judge Beard told Turvey in the dock.

For Turvey, Kate Williams said her client pleaded guilty to charges of producing indecent images of a child, engaging in sexual activity with a child, possessing prohibited images of a child and engaging in sexual communications with a child at the earliest opportunity when he appeared at Llanelli Magistrates Court in May.

Sentencing Turvey, Judge Beard said: “I have heard the description of an example of one of the category A images and what is clear from that is that there was a child being abused in a way that caused harm and distress. You were in conversation with young males on Snapchat.

You asked them to send you indecent photographs. You posed as a 20-year-old female and sent naked images of females to them and asked for indecent images to be sent to you.

That was brought to an end because a child became suspicious and asked for a live photograph of you. You didn’t just avoid matters, you instead sent a photograph of your genitals.

“On December 22 your phone was examined by police and showed you having conversations over Telegram.

Those conversations showed you shared images of children and exposed your desire to kidnap, rape and kill children. You gave the excuse that in some way you were trying to prevent others from kidnapping, raping and killing children, which is plainly nonsense.

“You are a dangerous individual, which is borne out in your pre-sentence report. You pose a high risk of causing harm to children, which could include the fatality of a child. You are responsible for your behaviour,”

Turvey received a four year prison sentence for engaging in sexual activity with a child, and 15 months each for the other offences which will run concurrently with the lead offence.

He was also given an extended sentence of four years which he will serve on licence.