August 2023

Pensioners convicted of child assaults in Dundee, including endangering life and belt attack

A pair of pensioners will be sentenced next month for a string of violent assaults on two young boys in Dundee in the 1970s and 80s.

After a seven-day trial, William Ramsay was found guilty of five assaults.

His co-accused and former partner June Rattray, 67, had already admitted an assault involving a belt.

Among the “catalogue” of attacks, 71-year-old Ramsay was convicted of an assault which put one young victim’s life in danger.

Ramsay’s other victim – who was attacked from the age of just five – is no longer alive.

The jury found allegations he sexually abused one of the boys and raped a girl on various occasions to be not proven.

Ramsay and Rattray will return to the city’s High Court on August 29 to be sentenced.

Ramsay was found guilty by the majority of jurors of five assault charges.

On various occasions between 1978 and 1985, he attacked his now-deceased victim in properties across Dundee.

He made threats towards the boy and punched and struck him on the head and body, injuring him as a result.

Ramsay’s other victim was attacked and threatened over a 13-year period from 1978, when he was four, at Dundee properties.

Ramsay struck and punched him on the head and body and kicked him on the body.

In December 1983, when the youngster was 10, Ramsay repeatedly struck him on the head and body with his hands.

Rattray admitted repeatedly striking the same child in 1985 with a belt at another property in Dundee, causing him injury.

Rattray was in hospital and absent from much of the proceedings, which have taken place at the High Court in Dundee.