August 2023

Paedophile rants ‘that’s a lie’ after dog catches him red-handed

A paedophile with a perversion for pre-pubescent girls ranted “that’s a lie” after a heroic dog called Monty caught him red-handed.

Andrew Contento feigned innocence when the police came knocking at his door. But the serial sex offender was rumbled once again when officers introduced him to a police dog specially-trained to sniff out hidden electronic devices, who then discovered a hidden phone which contained a sickening collection of indecent images.

Liverpool Crown Court heard yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, that the 54-year-old is subject to a lifelong sexual harm prevention order as a result of his previous convictions.

Derek Jones, prosecuting, described how the terms of this SHPO require Contento to hand over any electronic devices he owns upon request by police officers.

Merseyside Police made a routine visit to his home on Rock Lane East in Rock Ferry, Wirral, on the morning of July 24 this year as part of the order. He let the PCs into the address and handed over three such items.

Contento claimed he had no other devices to disclose, and was then told that a “specialist digital media search dog” would be brought into the property to ensure that he was complying with his SHPO.

The pervert maintained his denials, but PD Monty entered and swiftly sniffed out a further mobile phone inside a rucksack situated beside his feet

At this, he replied: “You’re going to lock me up. I know what’s on it.”

Contento interrupted Mr Jones at this stage in proceedings by saying: “Liar. That’s a lie.”

The prosecutor continued addressing the court however, saying that the defendant confessed under interview that he had been collecting indecent images “for his sexual gratification”. Contento then made a further outburst, saying: “No, I didn’t.”

When the extra phone was analysed, it was found to contain 24 indecent videos graded in category A – those showing the most serious forms of abuse. These included a 31-minute “compilation” showing a girl aged as young as 12 being raped and a five minute and 35 second clip of a four-year-old being forced to perform a sex act on a man.

The device also contained 15 category B indecent images, including 13 videos, and 34 category C pictures – five of which were movies. A further 29 “cartoon or CGI images” were discovered on the hard drive.

Contento was first handed a sexual offences prevention order in 2009, when he received a community order for making indecent images. This was amended to a SHPO in 2015 when he was again found with a vile stash of child abuse material.

Contento admitted three counts of making indecent images, possession of prohibited images of children and breaching a sexual harm prevention order.

Appearing via video link to HMP Altcourse, he was jailed for 20 months.

March 2015

Wallasey man jailed for downloading child abuse images


A Wirral man who downloaded disgusting child abuse images despite having been on an intensive course to prevent such behaviour received a lengthy jail sentence today.

Andrew Contento was given a three year community order and had a Sexual Offences Prevention Order imposed in 2009 for downloading indecent images of children.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that conditions of the order included not possessing phones or other devices which could access the internet or take photographs.

Chris Taylor prosecuting said on October 23 last year he was stopped by police while driving in Bromborough and as he appeared nervous he was suspected of possessing drugs.

He was searched and none were found but he had two mobile phones and a police computer check revealed details of the SOPO banning such possession.

His home in Borough Road, Wallasey, was searched and a camera was found in his bedroom along with another mobile phone and adult porn DVDs. They also found a list of porn web sites, girls clothing and photographs of babies being bathed.

When the phones were analysed he was found to have downloaded a total of 303 child porn images and it was shown he had used them to access internet sites.

Mr Taylor said: “Asked if he had a problem he said ‘yes’ and admitted he needed help.”

Contento, 46, pleaded guilty to three offences of making indecent images, one of possessing such images and another of breaching the SOPO.

Imposing a four year two month sentence, comprising 32 months imprisonment with an extended licence of 18 months, Judge Brian Lewis said, “You pose a high risk of serious harm to the public and particularly pre-pubescent girls.”

He ordered him to sign the Sex Offenders Register for life and imposed a Sexual Harm Offences Order restricting his internet access.

Judge Lewis said that when he was sentenced in 2009 at Mold he had been dealt with sympathetically but he had gone on to commit further identical offences. “You have completely disregarded the provisions of the SOPO.”