August 2023

Sunderland man raped teenager and kept her prisoner in his room

A sex attacker who raped a 16-year-old girl in the b&b accommodation where he was staying, then kept her locked inside for over seven hours has been jailed.

Lee Metcalf and the victim, who had met on social media, chatted and watched television before the terrifying attack took place.

The court heard Metcalf met the girl, who was vulnerable and prone to running away, and invited her back to his room with the promise of alcohol and cigarettes 

He had offered her alcohol and tried to get her drunk then threw her shoes out of the window in a bid to prevent her from leaving.

When the girl, who was “tiny by comparison” with Metcalf, did not comply, he took what he wanted and overpowered her, the judge said.

After seven-and-a-half hours of being kept inside, the victim – who was a teenager – managed to flee when a cleaner arrived after Metcalf had fallen asleep.

The 38-year-old formerly of Tynedale Crescent, Penshaw, denied rape and false imprisonment.

However, he was found guilty on both charges by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court in April.

Judge Amanda Rippon sentenced him to nine years behind bars with an extended four-year licence period.

The judge told him: “When she was not compliant, you took what you wanted. You overpowered her easily and forcibly removed her clothes.

“During that period she suffered your changing mood from threatening her again and again, to offering her a job.

“She only managed to escape when a cleaner entered the room sometime around 7:30am because you had broken your sink and water was leaking on the room below.”

The brave victim reported Metcalf to the police but he maintained his innocence throughout the investigation and the subsequent trial.

Speaking via an impact statement, she said: “The male raped me, threatened me and prevented me from leaving after he raped me by throwing my shoes out of the window.

“After this happened, I reported it to the police and they kept me up-to-date with the investigation. They told me he denied it during the interview.

“At court I had to give my evidence twice which I found really hard and stressful.

“I was determined to have my say in the hope this will prevent the male from doing it to anyone else.”

She added that is she is now trying to move on with her life.

Judge Rippon also imposed a lifetime restraining order.

The court heard he has multiple convictions for violence, including a nine-year prison sentence given in 2010 for a sustained attack on a woman and an assault from 2008 when he strangled and bit his then-partner while she was eight months pregnant.