August 2023

Pervert Kirkintilloch childcare worker sent young girl indecent picture of himself

A childcare worker who sent a picture of his penis to a child has been banned from working in the profession.

Connor Ferguson had been a registered childcare worker in Kirkintilloch when he was convicted at Paisley Sheriff Court in October 2022 of several crimes involving a 15-year-old.

It was found that he had “coerced the girl into looking at a sexual image” and communicated indecently with her “for the purposes of obtaining sexual gratification or of humiliating, distressing or alarming them”.

Ferguson used social media to send her sexual photographs of himself, including of his penis, and repeatedly made sexual remarks to her.

He continued to be registered as a childcare worker and didn’t notify the Scottish Social Services Council of his conviction.

Their report outlined: “The behaviour which led to your conviction was extremely serious. You coerced a child to look at a sexual image and communicated indecently with them. Your behaviour falls well below the standards expected of a social service worker and placed a child at a serious risk of emotional and psychological harm. Your conviction is fundamentally incompatible with the standards and values expected of a social service worker.

“Your behaviour directly impacted on the wellbeing of a child. As a social service worker you should not behave inside or outside of work in a way which would bring your suitability to work in social services into question. You should not have communicated with the child in an inappropriate way by sending them sexual photographs of yourself. Your communication with the child was not appropriate and falls well below the professional standards expected of you. We have no evidence of any insight or remorse for your behaviour or recognition of the consequences your behaviour had on the child

“By failing to notify the SSSC that you had been convicted under section 33 and 34 of the Sexual Offences (Scotland)Act 2009 you did fail to allow the SSSC the opportunity to carry out a full risk assessment to ensure that users of services in your care were protected from any unnecessary risk of harm. Behaviour which involves dishonesty is difficult to remedy.”

Ferguson has been banned from working in the profession.