August 2023

Convicted rapist committed further sex offences against two more victims

A convicted rapist who is already serving a lengthy prison sentence has been branded a “monster” and jailed again after a series of further sex offences against two more victims.

Drug user and pornography addict Andrew Shaw targeted two boys and has now been branded a dangerous offender who posed a “significant risk” of further sexual offences.

He blamed drugs for his behaviour, had a sexual interest in children and had a lack of empathy for his victims, Hull Crown Court heard.

Shaw, 44, formerly of Redcar Street, Hull, off Cleveland Street, east Hull, but currently in Leicester Prison, admitted four offences of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child and another of sexual assault of a child.

Michele Stuart-Lofthouse, prosecuting, said that the offences came to light in July 2019 when the mother of one of the boys went to the police to report what had happened.

At the time, Shaw was serving a prison sentence of 10-and-a-half years at Full Sutton Prison, near Pocklington.

He had been jailed at Hull Crown Court in July 2016 for two offences of raping a woman and also possessing indecent images of a child, committed in November 2014.

The latest offences involved Shaw committing sexual acts in the presence of a boy. Filming was also involved and Shaw watched pornography in the presence of the boy. On another occasion, Shaw targeted another boy.

Shaw was interviewed in Full Sutton Prison in 2019 and claimed that he was using heroin and crack cocaine at the time and denied being interested in younger people.

He denied any sexual behaviour towards the first boy and accused him of lying. He denied any offending towards the second boy.

The first boy later said: “He became my abuser and nothing more than a monster. He took away my innocence and childhood.” The boy now “hid in the shadows” and suffered “crippling anxiety” because of what happened.

“I am ashamed of what happened to me,” he said. “He has left me feeling forever scarred. With the help of my family, I will continue to be strong.”

The other boy said that he began to struggle at school and he suffered anxiety for many years. “I am hoping that the therapy that I am receiving will help me to recover,” he said.

Shaw accepted that the combination of his addiction to cocaine and amphetamine and a daily addiction to pornography and chatrooms led to him engaging in child abuse.

An online conversation about distributing to others the sexual footage that he filmed had taken place.

“He became a monster when his whole life revolved around sex,” said Miss Akhtar. “He expresses disgust about his behaviour. It is his intention to return to Hull after his release.”

Judge Kate Rayfield said that Shaw attempted to prevent the first boy from reporting what happened to him and there was an “element of grooming” because he bought expensive gifts for the victim.

“All of your victims were vulnerable in their own way,” said Judge Rayfield.

“A custodial sentence is inevitable. Your offences are underpinned by a lack of empathy and a sexual interest in children. You appear to blame your use of drugs for your behaviour rather than recognising that your issues run far deeper than that.

“You denied the offences when you were initially interviewed and only admitted them relatively recently.” Shaw had a lack of insight into his “own risk factors” and was a dangerous offender who posed a high risk of sexual harm. There was a significant risk of him committing further sexual offences.

Shaw was jailed for three years and nine months, to run consecutively to the sentence of 10-and-a-half years that he is currently serving.

He will not be eligible to apply for release until he has served a total minimum of nine-and-a-half years.

Shaw will be on extended licence of one year after his release. He was given an indefinite sexual harm prevention order.