August 2023

Twisted paedo caught planning to make rape film with child (13) back behind bars

A serial child sex pervert has been exposed after he planned to fly to London to shoot a rape video with a 13-year-old girl is back behind bars, we can reveal.

Sleazy paedophile Gavin O’Kane has been caught for the third time, not only distributing vile child abuse images but also of sending a grossly offensive communication.

And he’s also being done for possessing cocaine and cannabis – in fact he blames his drug misuse for his shocking behaviour.

The 33-year-old from Market Street in Omagh, Co Tyrone was refused bail despite his barrister arguing his client’s rehabilitation could be hampered if he was forced to live amongst child perverts just like him!

In July 2020 the Sunday World exposed O’Kane for the first time after he’d been caught at Belfast International Airport where he planned to fly to London to meet a 13-year-old ‘girl’ with the aim of filming himself having sex with her.

However, he was arrested before boarding the flight to Luton and it transpired, he had been caught by a PSNI sting operation and the person ‘offering’ the 13-year-old girl for sex was in fact an undercover police officer.

At the time when we doorstepped him at his flat in Market Street, Omagh we revealed he lived just a few hundred yards from a primary school.

Now he has made admissions to the PSNI about a raft of fresh child sex offences, but he still lives at the same address.

At his trial in 2020 Dungannon Crown Court was told he also had over 6,000 vile images of children being abused and some of the pictures and videos included some of the most disturbing category.

We confronted the snivelling pervert to ask why he thought making a pornographic film with a child was acceptable behaviour.

The cocky sex beast, who was 30-years-old at the time came to his door looking dishevelled and with no top on and said he had nothing to say to us about his actions.