August 2023

Vile paedo who raped three teens including girl, 13, sobs as he’s caged for sick crimes

A paedophile drug dealer who raped three girls — one just days after her 13th birthday – has been jailed.

Karl Calder-Harley, 26, targeted the 13-year-old after finding her on TikTok

He messaged her on Snapchat, and she after agreed to meet him, he drove her to a spot near Throsk, Stirlingshire.

He told her he had a knife and then assaulted her in his customised Ford Mondeo.

The High Court in Stirling heard that he gave the “naive” youngster money, took her phone off her while she was in his car, and after the rape told her not to save any of the Snapchat messages they had exchanged.

The rape occurred in December 2020 just two to three days after the child’s 13th birthday, when Calder-Harley was almost 24.

The incident came to the attention of police.

Calder-Harley was arrested and gave a “no comment” interview.

Officers spoke to other girls he might have associated with.

The court heard a 15-year-old girl revealed that she too had been raped by Calder-Harley, who used to collect her in her school uniform from her Stirlingshire high school.

At the time, in April to June 2016, Calder-Harley — who has since been convicted for being concerned in the supply of cocaine and has a previous conviction for an offence under the Proceeds of Crime Act — was 20.

He was only 18 when he raped his first victim who was also 18

The woman, who gave evidence from behind a screen, said the incident had left her crying and she had pleaded with him to stop. He continued to rape her through her tears.

She told jurors: “I was saying stop, stop, but the minute I would move he forced me back down on the bed.”

She said she had been manipulated, had her phoned smashed, her clothes ripped, and had been punched and pushed downstairs by Calder-Harley during their relationship in Stenhousemuir, also Stirlingshire.

After a four-day trial at the High Court in Stirling, a jury of eight women and seven men took less than three hours to find Calder-Harley, an unemployed dumper driver, of Stenhousemuir, guilty of three charges of rape and one of having under-age sex. He had denied the charges and said the rapes never happened.

He sobbed and blubbered as the verdicts were returned and judge Lord Colbeck revoked his bail.

He was remanded in custody for reports until October 3rd at the High Court in Edinburgh.