August 2023

Violent abuser who left ex too scared to take a bath sobs as he’s jailed

A violent woman abuser cried in court as he was jailed.

Colin Rimmer, of Snowden Road, Moreton, grabbed the woman and forced her head under the water after he burst in on her taking a bath on March 10 2023.

The 51-year-old had spent the night out drinking before returning to his former partner’s home and entering the upstairs bathroom, telling her he would “go where he wanted”.

At Liverpool Crown Court on Friday, August 4, prosecutor Mr Watson said: “Rimmer came towards her with a deranged look in his eye and said ‘what did you call me?’.

He put his hand over her face and pushed her under the water. She struggled and screamed, kicking over a candle in the process.”

The commotion alerted the woman’s 18-year-old son, who rushed in and grabbed Rimmer.

Rimmer said he had done nothing wrong, but when the teenager said he would call the police, he “became distressed and left the house, claiming he was going to kill himself.” The dad of three was arrested in the early hours of the morning

Following Rimmer’s arrest and interviews with his former partner, it was revealed the woman had suffered horrendous abuse at his hands for a number of years before finally ending the relationship. The court heard he took control of her money, isolated her from her friends, and discouraged her from driving in order to control her movements.

On one occasion he slapped her face and threatened to “stick her six feet under” after he suspected she had been in contact with another man. Another time, while driving to Wales, he told her “I could take your life in a moment” before aggressively jerking the steering wheel – an act which Judge Richard Pratt described as “particularly sinister”.

In a statement, the woman said she suffered flashbacks to Rimmer drowning her in the bath whenever she closed her eyes. She said: “I keep seeing his face with that deranged look on his face and my face underwater. It’s like a horror movie.

“I haven’t been back in the bathroom since the incident. I’m lucky there’s a shower downstairs. I don’t know what I would so if we didn’t have that shower. I don’t know if I can ever have a bath again. I dread the thought of having a bath.”

Rimmer pleaded guilty to three charges including non-fatal suffocation and coercive and controlling behaviour. He appeared in court via video link and sobbed throughout the hearing.

Judge Pratt said Rimmer’s actions were “particularly serious offences” underpinned by a background of abusive behaviour. He sentenced him to a total of four years and five months in prison.