August 2023

Paedophile jailed on terror and indecent image charges

A neo-Nazi paedophile who previously avoided a prison term has been jailed after committing further offences including making an indecent image of a child and possession of beastiality images

Harry Blake, from south-west London, was given a suspended sentence in 2020 after admitting 14 terror charges.

On Thursday, the 21-year-old was sentenced to three years and two months in jail after pleading guilty to a counter-terror order breach, as well as making an indecent image of a child.

Passing sentence, an Old Bailey judge said he posed a “significant risk”.

Blake also pleaded guilty to possessing extreme pornography, and breaching a crime prevention order and the terms of his suspended prison sentence.

Previously known as Harry Vaughan, he is the son of a House of Lords clerk and achieved high grades at his prestigious grammar school.

After he was arrested again last year, detectives found a laptop and a mobile phone that he was barred from owning.

Material recovered from the devices showed Blake’s “continued interest” in right-wing extremism, prosecutor Dan Pawson-Pounds told the court.

Mr Pawson-Pounds said Blake had searched online for the banned terrorist groups Sonnenkrieg Division and Atomwaffen Division. He also had a book in which Adolf Hitler is revered as a god.

Blake’s phone contained videos of the “violent forcing” of a sex act on women, and a film of a young boy being sexually abused by a man.

In 2020, Blake admitted 12 counts of possessing documents useful to a terrorist, one count of encouraging terrorism and one of disseminating terrorist publications. He also admitted having videos of young boys being raped.

The judge decided against sending Blake to prison, despite concluding he was dangerous. Expert evidence had stated Blake’s ideology was a “hybrid” of neo-Nazism and a violent form of Satanism.

On Thursday, Judge Sarah Munro KC said that when he was sentenced in 2020, Blake had “falsely asserted” that his “mindset had changed” since committing his initial crimes.

As well as sentencing him to a 38-month prison term, she made him the subject of a five-year serious crime prevention order.