August 2023

‘Sickening’ Norwich man messaged ‘mother and daughter’

A man snared by covert police sharing fantasies of luring a mother and her five-year-old daughter to perform sex acts has been fined less than £500. 

Scot Coulter, 50, exchanged “sickening” obscene messages with a chatroom profile he believed was a single mother called Lousie with two daughters, one aged five, Molly, and the other four months.

However, it was actually an undercover officer.

One message included him inviting ‘Louise’ and her daughters to visit Norfolk to “enjoy each other’s company” stating there would be “no need to pack many clothes”.

Prosecutor Lily Orr told Norwich Magistrates’ Court that Coulter told the undercover officer from the organised crime unit he had a fetish for “family play”.

“He stated that he had previously dated a single mother and her two daughters were involved in that relationship,” she said.

He went on to describe various sex acts involving ‘Louise’ and daughters in graphic and obscene language. 

Coulter, of Doman Road in Norwich, had previously pleaded guilty to two charges of sending obscene messages in Dereham between September and December 2021.

Magistrates fined Coulter £268 and told him to pay costs of £179. 

They also imposed a five year sexual harm prevention order which requires him to register with police as a sex offender with conditions including alerting the authorities if he stays at an address with children or travels abroad