July 2023

Daughter’s fury as paedophile father who abused and shared images of her with other sick perverts online before changing gender in prison is quietly released

A paedophile who changed gender while in prison for sexually abusing her own daughter as a child and sending explicit photos of her to perverts online has been quietly released back into the community.

Claire Fox, 61, who was previously known as Clive Bundy, a father of six, served just seven years of a 15-year jail sentence, before being settled into a tiny market town on the Welsh borders.

Fox, who wears a black wig and floral dresses told neighbours, who knew nothing of her sordid past, that she was an electrician from Bangor as they helped her get settled into her new surroundings and helped her furnish her flat.

Fox arrived in a sheltered accommodation block for older people in a tiny town at the start of June.

She was given new furniture, a television, printer, washing machine and crockery by the armed forces charity SSAFA because she had once been in the Territorial Army.

Fox’s release from prison has appalled her daughter Ceri-Lee Galvin, who bravely waived her right to anonymity, having been abused by her father for nine years from the age of eight.

Revealing her astonishment, Ceri-Lee, 24, said: ‘My father is not a woman and I refuse to recognise him as such. He changed his gender in prison to make his life there easier.

‘But now he is out and already up to his usual tricks – conning everyone he meets.

‘The fact he is now dressed as a woman makes him more dangerous as young girls are his thing and he has never shown any remorse.

‘My father is a highly manipulative man who has attended no sexual offender rehabilitation programmes, shown no remorse for what he has done and openly admits finding children attractive.

‘There have been no meetings I’m aware of to tell local schools about his presence, he has no tag and no curfew. He has just been put into this community and given all he could wish for – food, furniture and a home.’

Ceri-Lee, now a student paramedic, added: ‘I am in no way transphobic and I feel incredibly sorry for people who genuinely need to transition. They face stigma and worse because of cases like this.

‘But it should just not be an option for those convicted of sexual offences against children to suddenly say that they want to be a woman.

‘This only arose at the end of 2021 when he was due to be moved to an open prison but then had a fight with a fellow prisoner that was serious enough to stop the move.

‘That is when he went for the gender change – when he was almost 60, having been a macho man all his life and having had eight children and having never mentioned gender dysphoria before.

‘Now he is being indulged by everyone. The prison service gave him make-up and women’s clothes and now a charity for the armed forces have provided him with so much stuff when all he did was a short stint in the Territorial Army in his 20s.