April 2023

Blackpool man pleads guilty to sexually assaulting two girls whilst already a registered sex offender

A Blackpool man has been jailed for four-and-a-half years for sexually assaulting two girls and several breaches of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order

Blackpool Police became aware in October 2022 that Thomas Thompson, 55, was working in the resort on a casual basis as a security officer and steward.

As a registered sex offender, Thompson was subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and had to notify officers about his employment.

A delve into Thompson’s life found that he had lied to the police on numerous occasions, having stated that he was not working and had not revealed he was in an intimate relationship when in fact he was.

During the investigation, officers spoke to teenage girls who Thompson had invited to his home having initially come across as a good Samaritan.

He left Blackpool and went on the run to West Yorkshire as police investigated, however he was arrested in October 2022 and remanded in custody.

Thompson, of Ashton Road, Blackpool, pleaded guilty at Preston Crown Court to two charges of sexual assault against girls under the age of 18 and five breaches of his Sexual Harm Prevention Order.