July 2023

Rapist jailed for three years and 11 months

A rapist has been jailed

Mark Thompson, 21, was convicted of rape by a unanimous jury at Teesside Crown Court last month.

The trial heard that Thompson made “admissions” of guilt in messages he sent to the victim after the attack.

But Thompson insisted the victim must have hacked his account, and sent the messages.

Prosecutor Ian West told the court that the rape had had a “catastrophic effect” on the victim.

In a statement, the victim said that the stress over what had happened had affected their weight, and now has “the physical strength of a 62-year-old.”

The statement said: “My anxiety worsened. I started pulling my hair out. My trust in men has gone. The verdict means that I am now believed and I can finally move on. I do believe he deserves prison.”

Recorder Aisha Wadoodi told Thompson: “The message you sent after the rape – they were admissions of guilt. I have to balance your age at the time, your communication difficulties – I am aware that prison will be difficult for you – with the serious psychological harm you caused your victim.

“I am satisfied that there was a catastrophic affect.”

The judge jailed Thompson, of Seaton Lane in Hartlepool, for three-years-and-11-months.

He will serve half of the sentence before he is eligible for release; and was made subject to sex offender notification requirements for the rest of his life.