July 2023

Paedophile with fantasy about poo described as ‘very dangerous man’ is spared jail after trying to ‘tie up boy’

An East London charity shop worker who wanted to tie up a 14-year-old boy and have sex with him has been spared jail.

Lee Deeks, 37, of Thorold Road, Ilford, was arrested in August 2022 after paedophile hunters TFN snared him, finding a rope in his bag he planned to use for his “sordid” sex crimes.

Deeks was unaware he was speaking to a decoy called Kyle Mason when he sent Facebook messages about his defecation fantasies, calling the youngster “sweetheart” and “cutie” for around a month, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard on Friday (July 21).

In one message he wrote: “You are going to pull down my pants and spank my arse, and stick your penis up there.”

The prosecution also described how Deeks sent an image of a male “tied up in all sorts of positions” and asked the decoy if he also wanted to be tied up. “There is reference to defecation and he also sent messages with hugs and kisses,” the prosecution said.

The court heard how the investigating officer in the case said Deeks was “a very dangerous man” after a rope was discovered in his bag.

Judge Del Fabbro said: “You were not to know the 14-year-old boy was fictional, but having said that you engaged in a way that can only described as sordid conversations. Throughout that you were referencing your communications with this 14-year-old with terms of endearment such as cutie and sweetheart. It’s unacceptable Mr Deeks.”

Sentencing him to eight months suspended for 18 months Judge Del Fabbro added: “The reason I’m suspending the term of imprisonment is to put you to the test and to make sure you do not reoffend by undertaking a Rehabiliation Activity Requirement.”