July 2023

Man ‘plied woman with drink’ and raped her after she joked to him about her lack of romantic luck

A shameless sexual predator took advantage of a woman who had joked to him about her lack of romantic luck – and brazenly told her: “I can help you out with that.”

Opportunist sex offender Brian Walters quickly saw his chance and raped the woman before cynically telling her afterwards that they could “try again” the next day, Hull Crown Court heard.

Walters, 67, who has lived in Valentine Close and Anlaby Park Road South, Hull, denied rape and two offences of indecent assault but he was convicted by a jury after a trial.

David Hall, prosecuting, said that the woman and Walters had both been drinking at the time of the rape incident on September 8, 2018.

She later said: “I had a lot to drink. I was out of it. I was drinking cans of Fosters lager. We went through nearly 30 cans between us. I could hardly stand up.”

She was sitting down when Walters told her: “I have not sh****d a woman in ages.” The woman joked: “I haven’t either” and Walters replied: “I can help you out with that.”

The next thing that she remembered was Walters having sex with her. “I can’t remember how I came to be naked but I was fully naked,” she said. She could not remember much about what happened. “I was that drunk,” she said.

Walters told her: “Come tomorrow and we will try again.” She later said: “I did not want sex with [him].” The woman later reported what had happened to a support officer. She was “visibly upset” at the time. The police were alerted in September 2021.

The court heard that Walters had been jailed in 1979 for burglary. During his defence evidence, Hull-born Walters denied any sexual activity with the woman.

“That’s wrong,” he claimed. “I never did. I’m quite sure.” When asked if he had raped the woman, he said: “There is no truth in it. No, I never.”

He was asked: “Are you lying?” but he replied: “No.” He was asked why the woman would say such things and he replied: “I haven’t a clue.”

He admitted that he had been drinking at the time, but added: “I had some beer. Fosters. I don’t count them. I just drink them.” He claimed that it was not 30 cans between them, however.

Walters was asked: “Was there a decision between you and her about sex?” He replied: “No. She wanted me to do it. I said: ‘No’. I just left her to her own devices.”

Walters, who was on bail during the trial, had been remanded in custody after being convicted of the offences.

Judge Mark Bury told Walters: “She woke to find you on top of her, having sex with her. She told you ‘No’. That didn’t stop you. She couldn’t push you off.

“You had your full weight on her. She was drunk. You had plied her with drink to the point where she was incapable of looking after herself. She felt disgusted and ashamed. Your denials to the jury were strident.”

Walters was jailed for 10 years and must register as a sex offender for life.