July 2023

Man attacked girl and woman with meat cleaver and kitchen knife

A man who attacked a girl and a woman with a meat cleaver and kitchen knife has been jailed for 14 years and six months.

The woman, in her 30s, was found seriously injured when police were called to Harborough Way, Sheffield, just after midnight on 30 August 2022.

The girl was found in a nearby property with a substantial head wound, South Yorkshire Police said.

Marcus Hamlin, 31, was sentenced after he admitted two counts of causing GBH.

Following the hearing at Sheffield Crown Court, Hamlin had first begun attacking the woman, before going on to assault the child after the woman shouted for them to get help.

There were over 30 injuries caused to the victims, the majority caused by a kitchen knife and a meat cleaver.

Hamlin, of Dawlands Close, Sheffield, was initially charged with two counts of attempted murder, which he denied, before pleading guilty to the two lesser charges.

Judge Richardson jailed Hamlin for nine years, six months, and handed down an extended licence period of five years after judging him to meet the requirements of a ‘dangerous’ offender, bringing his total sentence to 14 years, six months.

Hamlin’s classification as a dangerous offender means he will be required to serve two-thirds of his custodial sentence before he can be considered for release, instead of the standard 50 per cent

The offences and injuries perpetrated against the woman and a teenage girl – were complainants A and B, respectively as follows:

Summarising the facts of the case, Judge Richardson told a hearing on July 18, 2023, that Hamlin’s violence began with him ‘hitting’ and ‘striking’ ‘A’ with blows, on one occasion using a ‘clenched fist’ and intensified after he produced a knife.

“You had a knife in your hand, and struck ‘B’ with it. She ended up on the floor…you put your hand around her neck, she struggled to breathe,” Judge Richardson told Hamlin

Both complainants tried to escape Hamlin’s grasp, and he subsequently stabbed ‘A’, after which time she sought help and ‘raised the alarm’ with people living on the street where the violence was carried out, the court heard.

The court heard how Hamlin stabbed ‘B’ twice more, even after she feigned being unconscious. Police arrived on the scene a short time later.

“During this episode, you inflicted grave stab injuries upon both complainants,” Judge Richardson said.

He added: “You were found with a wound to your wrist. You told police you had been a victim of an attack by ‘A’ and ‘B’. You said ‘B’ had attacked you with a knife.”

Detailing the injuries sustained by the complainants during the course of the incident, Judge Richardson said ‘A’ suffered multiple lacerations to her ‘head, neck, face, left leg, right elbow, and both hands’.

The lacerations to ‘A’s’ head involved a fracture to the skull, with the one to her cheek being described as being of ‘full thickness’. Judge Richardson described the injuries ‘A’ was left with on one of her hands as being ‘life-changing,’ and she also had to undergo plastic surgery on the hand.

‘B’ also suffered ‘multiple lacerations’ around her ‘face, scalp, both shoulders, left forearm, and fingers’. Four of the lacerations to ‘B’s’ scalp were described as ‘deep,’ one of which was six centimetres long.

Both females were left with cosmetic scarring that may prove to be permanent, the court heard.