July 2023

Man sentenced for rape

Brutal rapist Albert Lamb who tied up two teenagers after breaking into their home and raped the 17-year-old girl on her mother’s bed, was jailed for life on Monday

A judge heard that the 44-year-old homeless man had just 12 hours earlier raped another woman in her home.

Lamb subjected the teenage girl to a sordid attack after breaking into her family home.

Her younger brother, who heard the whole ordeal from the room where he was hiding, called the police.

A judge was told that only 12 hours earlier, Lamb had entered the house of another woman whom he beat with a metal bar before forcing himself upon her and raping her.

Lamb tied up both children and threatened to kill them if they spoke to anyone about what he had done. He ran away from the house and entered a coffee shop to spend pocket money he had just taken from the children.

Judge Catherine Tulk, sentencing at Aylesbury Crown Court, said: “This was a deliberate course of actions which have shattered the lives of the victims and their families. Victims who were attacked in their own homes where they are entitled to feel the safest. Now, these homes are daily reminders of the horrors that you have done to them.

“I am in no doubt at all that you are a significant risk to members of the public. To women and children, specifically. You could cause serious harm to any woman you may identify as vulnerable, as well as specific women in your private sphere.”

Grace Ong, prosecuting, recounted for the court the string of horrifying events that took place over a 12-hour time span in February this year.

She said: “On the Sunday evening of February 12, 2023, Lamb went to the house of the first complainant and knocked on the front door. When nobody answered, he went around the back and climbed over the fence and asked to be let in. The complainant held up her phone and said she would call the police.

“He managed to climb into the kitchen from the window and took her phone away from her.”

Ms Ong continued: “He comes in and immediately started to attack her with a metal bar. After she was hit, she said everything became hazy. She went to the bathroom to mend her cuts and noticed there was blood everywhere. At which point Lamb entered and said he wanted to have sex. He was still holding the metal bar.”

Judge Tulk heard that Lamb went on to rape the woman in her bathroom while she bled from her head.

“She finally heard a noise downstairs and her daughter’s voice calling ‘Mum’. This is what made Lamb stop.”

She said that Lamb managed to escape the police, who had been called by neighbours, by climbing out of the bathroom window. Before he left, he threatened the woman that he would come back to “finish her off” if she spoke to the police.

The next day, at around 11am, 44-year-old Lamb broke into another home less than a couple miles away from where he committed his first rape.

Mrs Ong told the court: “On the morning of February 13, the second victim, an underage girl, said a man rang her doorbell. She opened the door and he started talking to her about a mattress that had been left on their driveway. He offered to move it, and to leave his number.

“When she declined, he burst into the house and closed the door behind him. He put his hand on her mouth and told her ‘Don’t scream. I have killed before and I will kill you’.”

Lamb arrived at a time when the young girl and her brother were alone in the house as their mother had gone to an appointment for a couple hours.

Mrs Ong continued: “He took the girl to her mother’s bedroom and began to rape her. He asked her age and when she told him she hoped it would make him stop. But instead, he moaned and continued raping her. She described it as ‘really, really, really painful.’

“She tried to close her eyes but he would make her open them again and look at him. He repeated ‘If you scream, I will kill you’.”

The court was told Lamb also forced the child to say she “liked it” before ejaculating.

Judge Tulk praised the teenage girl’s alertness and self-control amid the horrifying ordeal.

She said: “She had the presence of mind to put her trousers back on to preserve evidence. She genuinely believed that she was going to die that day.”

After the rape, Lamb went around the house looking for money and saw the girl’s younger brother hiding in his bedroom.

Mrs Ong said: “The boy had heard everything that was going on and had called the police.”

Lamb tied up both children so tightly that the girl lost sensation of her fingers. He tied their ankles with leggings and escaped the house. The children managed to open a window and explain to police officers who arrived, that they were tied up and in need of immediate assistance.

Lamb was arrested later on February 13 in the streets of Aylesbury, Bucks.

The next day, he was charged with two counts of assault by penetration, two counts of false imprisonment and one count each of assault causing actual bodily harm, burglary dwelling and making threats to kill.

He admitted all of them on March 8.

Both victims had suffered significant injuries, including internal bleeding from the rape in the case of the teenage girl and lacerations to the head in the case of the woman

They also described severe psychological trauma in their personal statements.

The adult woman described hating staying in her own home in the aftermath of the attack and trying to redecorate the interior to mask blood stains that had remained on the walls.

She said: “I hate my home. I used to love it so much. Now it does not feel like mine anymore. I use a lot of air freshener in my house because I keep thinking I can smell my own blood.”

The teenage girl describes having lost 6kg in weight and parts of her hair due to the stress and anguish from the attack.

Before sentencing him, she ordered him to “look up” because he kept putting his head down and looking at his shoes.

Judge Tulk told him: “You knew what you had done and it is clear you had been in control of what you had chosen to do. You are also unwilling and unable to meaningfully account for what you did to the victims.”

Lamb will have to serve a minimum of 12 years in jail before being considered for parole.