July 2023

Bridgerton actor spared prison after being caught with hundreds of child abuse images

A stuntman who appeared in the TV hit show Bridgerton has avoided prison after he downloaded hundreds of sick child abuse images and traded them on Instagram.

Kieren Curran, 23, was handed an eight month suspended sentence at Harrow Crown Court after police found photos of children as young as five on his devices.

The West End theatre worker quivered as he discovered his fate having had his home raided by detectives, acting on intelligence about an Instagram account with indecent images of children.

The court heard he was was with his girlfriend when he opened the door to his Ealing home and admitted having the illegal material. He then asked the police “Can we skip this bit?”

Curran cannot commit another crime for two years or he faces immediate imprisonment

He appeared as a smartly dressed extra in the Netflix hit and also as a soldier who collides with a character in an iconic battle scene from Sam Mendes’s Oscar and Bafta winning war film 1917.

He also has stage credits for the London College of Music and as an assistant director on upcoming Amazon Prime series Red, White and Royal Blue.

Prosecuting Mr Phillips said: “He said I am guilty, I have loads of images in an account. He had used the Instagram account to trade images and said he had a problem… And said he had attempted to kill himself because he hated what he had done.”

Police recovered a Macbook, iPhone, and San Disk USB with a total of 293 images, including of children between the age of five and 14 years old.

Mr Phillips said: “There is one moving image in Category A of an eight to 12-year-old girl. There is description of her wrenching and her eyes watering during sexual activity.”

Curran said all the devices were his and provided passwords to officers. In an interview he admitted collating the images, but said it was ‘a way of self harm to himself’.

After two years and one day, Curran was eventually charged with seven offences. These were two counts for Category A, three for Category B, and two for Category C.

Whimpering in his blue suit and burgundy tie, Curran shook as he was spared eight months in jail by Judge Kaplan who suspended the sentence for two years.

Curran was given eight months suspended for two years for two counts of Category A, three months suspended for two years for two counts of Category B, and one month suspended for two years for two counts of Category C.

He was also ordered to pay £494 in costs, to do 40 hours of unpaid work, 30 days of rehabilitation, and the complete the Horizon programme for internet sexual offenders.