June 2023

Pervert had images of kids and of a man having sex with a corpse

A deeply depraved Welsh pervert who was found in possession of images of a man having sex with a corpse told a 13-year-old boy to send him sexual videos.

He was also found to have distributed indecent images of kids and babies being sexually abused.

Paul Meechan, 56, of Cardiff, was arrested by police after he was found to have been speaking to a schoolboy and incited him to engage in sexual activity.

His electronic devices were seized and when examined revealed a number of disgusting images depicting child abuse and necrophilia.

A sentencing hearing at Newport Crown Court on Friday heard the defendant possessed an image of a person having sex with a corpse and children as young as seven-months-old being abused.

Meechan, of Llanfair Road, Pontcanna, later pleaded guilty to possession of category A, B, and C images, possession of extreme and prohibited images, distribution of category A and B images, sexual communication with a child and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Meechan was sentenced to a total of two years and eight months imprisonment.

He was also made subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and sex offender notification requirements for 10 years.