June 2023

Assaulted a schoolgirl which involved him grabbing her by the throat

A forty-year-old man from Carlisle has been jailed for an assault on a schoolgirl which involved him grabbing her by the throat.

The teenage victim was so upset by the violence of Jacek Kuliga that she suffered nightmares and her trust in adults was destroyed, the city’s crown court heard. The defendant had denied wrongdoing.

But he was convicted after a trial.

The court heard that he denied a second offence of voyeurism but was found guilty of that also.

This involved the use of a hidden camera with a motion sensor.

The camera captured “intimate” images of a woman.

The court heard that the actual bodily harm assault happened on January 25, 2021

The background was an argument between the defendant and the girl.

The defendant then began a “prolonged attack” on the teenager, during which he grabbed her by the throat with sufficient force to cause bruising. She had eventually managed to get away.

“She must have been terrified,” observed Recorder Tony Hawks.

The judge commented on the negative effect of the offending on the two victims – the girl, and a woman who was the victim of the defendant’s voyeurism. The woman had developed mental health problems.

The girl who was assaulted had also suffered significantly. “Since this offence, she has suffered nightmares,” said the judge. The girl also felt uncomfortable going out and had been unable to sleep.

Her schooling was also impacted.

In an earlier hearing, another judge said of the voyeurism offence that such behaviour represented a “total and utter objectification” of women.

Recorder Samantha Presland said it was exasperating that people have access to “amazing technology” but then used it for such “base things.”

Recorder Hawks jailed the defendant, of Broadoaks Grange, Carlisle, for a total of three and a half years.

Kuliga will be on the Sex Offender Register for seven years as a result of the voyeurism offence.

Defence lawyer Jeff Smith told the court that Kuliga had been in the UK for eight years and that he wanted to return to work but background reports made it clear that he continues to deny the two offences.

He claimed he was assaulted – a version of events rejected by the jury.