June 2023

Mother jailed for allowing her husband to murder her five-year-old daughter

A mother has been jailed for allowing her husband to murder her five-year-old daughter after doctors found the child had suffered 70 injuries over a six-month campaign of abuse.

Abdul Wahab, the stepfather of five-year-old Nadia Zofia Kalinowska, has been sentenced to at least 22 years in prison for her murder.

Her mother, Aleksandra Wahab, was jailed for five and a half years for allowing the death of a child.

Detective Inspector Gina Quinn said Nadia’s extended family in Poland had suffered ‘unimaginable heartache and pain’.

Nadia died after she was found with multiple injuries at her family home in Fernagh Drive, Newtownabbey, in December 2019.

Ms Quinn said: ‘Today five-year-old Nadia Kalinowska’s mother and stepfather have each been handed a prison sentence in connection with her murder.

‘Police and ambulance attended the family home in Newtownabbey in the early hours of Sunday December 15 2019.

‘Here, little Nadia was found unconscious, and was taken to hospital by paramedics.

‘Sadly, despite best medical efforts, she passed away a short time later.’

Mr and Mrs Wahab, 35 and 29, were sentenced at Belfast Crown Court today.

The court heard that Nadia died from head and abdominal injuries, but also sustained multiple fractures to her skull, ribs, pelvis and collarbone and serious injuries to her brain and liver.

At the time of her death, she had over 70 surface injuries on her body which had been inflicted on various occasions over a six-month period.

Ms Quinn said: ‘Nadia, a young and innocent child, had been subjected to a campaign of violence by her stepfather, while her mother ignored the very obvious attacks being carried out on her young daughter.

‘They failed to ever seek medical treatment for any of her injuries.’

The detective continued: ‘This was the ultimate betrayal of trust by the two people who should have protected, loved and cared for Nadia.

‘This has been a lengthy investigation and from the start we have worked closely with specialist prosecutors in the Public Prosecution Service to get justice for Nadia.’

Ms Quinn also acknowledged the efforts of colleagues in the Ambulance Service and the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, who ‘fought so hard to save Nadia’s life’.

‘My thoughts today are with Nadia’s grandmother and extended family in Poland, who have suffered unimaginable heartache and pain,’ Ms Quinn added,

‘The whole community, including teachers and staff at Nadia’s school, have been left shaken by this truly distressing case. Nadia was a much-loved pupil at St James’ Primary School in Newtownabbey. This was her safe space, and I’m grateful to the school for their support throughout this investigation.

‘Nadia’s mother and stepfather denied her the future she deserved and while today’s result will not bring her back, I hope it can bring some comfort to her remaining family in Poland.’