Edward Murphy – Carrickfergus

May 2023

Community in shock after ‘gentle’ pensioner (77) exposed as serial flasher

This is the pervert pensioner who now has to sign the sex offenders’ register after admitting a whopping 24 counts of exposing his genitals.

And incredibly, 77-year-old Edward Patrick Murphy’s shocking offending almost spanned a full decade and included one which took place in front of a child, which is why he has to sign the register.

On Tuesday, Belfast Crown Court heard how Murphy had targeted the same female for all the offences, while it emerged Crown prosecutors have to consider whether to proceed with two similar counts which he has denied.

When reporters called at his home in Windslow Park, Carrickfergus, we were shocked to find the filthy flasher living in a neatly presented home with a manicured lawn and well tended-to hanging baskets of flowers.

Reporters also found the OAP, who is facing a potential jail sentence when he’s sentenced later this year, to be uncharacteristically — given his crimes — polite and courteous.

They asked him what possessed someone, particularly someone with a clear criminal record, to expose themselves on 24 occasions, but he calmly told us: “I won’t comment on that at this stage, but thanks very much for asking.”

A resident who knows Murphy says everyone is shocked at his behaviour.

“Nobody can believe he’s done this kind of thing,” said one resident who called our office. “He comes across so gentle and decent. When we read the things he had done it was a real shock.

“He’s always out in the garden looking after it and he keeps himself to himself — or at least we thought he did, but apparently he doesn’t.”

In front of a Crown Court judge this week, Murphy confirmed his identity to a court clerk as he was charged with a total of 26 offences.

He was charged with two separate similar offences against the same female — namely engaging in sexual activity for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification knowing a child under 13 was present on dates between July 23, 2014 and July 24, 2016.

When these charges were put to Murphy, he replied ‘not guilty’ to both.

He was then charged with 24 separate counts of intentionally exposing his genitals intending that someone would see them and be caused alarm or distress.

All the offences were carried out over a nine-year period spanning from July 23, 2013 to April 28, 2022 and he pleaded guilty to all 24 counts.

Crown barrister Natalie Pinkerton told Judge Geoffrey Miller KC that as one of the exposure offences involved a child, Murphy was automatically required to sign the sex offenders’ register. The length of time Murphy will be on the register will be determined at a later date.

Ms Pinkerton also asked for some time to consider the Crown’s position regarding the two offences denied by Murphy and whether or not a trial will be required.

The judge said he would review the case, then addressed Murphy. Ordering the pensioner to stand, Judge Miller told him: “You have now entered not guilty pleas to the first two counts and guilty pleas to the remaining 24.

“The prosecution will reach a decision as to whether they wish a trial to proceed on those first two counts and that will be communicated to the court on Thursday of this week.”

The hearing arranged for Thursday was put back until a further date. After being informed that Murphy had a clear criminal record, the judge told the defendant “You are free to go at this time.”

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