October 2022

Transgender child pervert back on streets despite being told she would be deported

A transgender prostitute caught with ‘thousands of depraved child abuse images’ is back on Ireland’s streets after being released from prison despite a court being told she would be deported at the end of a three-year sentence.

Bruno Binda De Souza – whose convictions included possession, production and distribution of the horrific child abuse imagery – can be seen walking free from the Midlands Prison on Wednesday morning in the picture above

But instead of a Garda car meeting the 32-year-old at the prison gates to put her on the first plane out of Ireland, Da Souza was collected by a male pal who helped the €250-an-hour former sex worker carry two oversize duffle bags from the jail.

The day prior to the Brazilian’s release, the sicko had pleaded with the prison governor to allow a hairdresser into the prison for a hair styling.

According to sources, the request was unceremoniously refused and De Souza left prison, hair up in a bun, wearing a bulky black jacket over a grey tracksuit and fluorescent pink runners.

“It’s not a prison issue,” the source said. “That’s an issue for the Department of Justice and the guards.”

De Souza, also known as Bruno Meirelles, had been held in the Midlands Prison – a male only lock-up – as the gender specified on the sex worker’s committal documents was male.

Nevertheless, pictures obtained from the escort agency website on which Da Souza advertised €250-an-hour sex sessions, show the degree to which she had undergone gender transitioning.

In March of last year, Judge Martin Nolan heard how De Souza claimed to have been introduced to child sexual abuse images by a client while using the drug crystal meth.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard De Souza was married to an Irishman but had let an application to remain in the country lapse because of her prosecution for child abuse imagery and would be deported at the end of any sentence.

In total, De Souza, formerly of Brabazon Hall, Cork Street, Dublin 8, pleaded guilty to four counts of possession of child sexual abuse images on a MacBook and three iPhones, five counts of production of child sexual abuse images and one count of distribution of child sexual abuse images on three dates between December 2017 and July 2020.

The court heard the production counts referred to text documents in the form of messaging conversations in which child sexual activity was discussed between De Souza and other parties.

Illegal images of children were also shared by De Souza via WhatsApp.

Detective Garda Martin Allen told the court some of the child abuse images found were “unique” in that gardaí working the Cyber Crime division had not come across them before.

He noted that the defendant was engaged in prostitution, and it seemed a client encouraged De Souza to look at this material.

He said that after being introduced, De Souza became interested and downloaded significant amounts of the material and engaged in text conversations and the exchange of images.

Judge Nolan said that De Souza had no previous convictions and co-operated with the Gardaí in handing over passwords.

He noted also that De Souza was getting on well in prison and seemed well capable of reform.

He further took into account the challenges De Souza had faced in life.

Judge Nolan said he accepted crystal meth can affect people’s behaviour but said De Souza knew the material was wrong.

He noted also De Souza had offended on three different dates.

“I don’t think she is a bad person but, she committed serious offences and the court must punish her for her misbehaviour,” said Judge Nolan.

He imposed a three-year sentence, backdated to when she went into custody.

De Souza had been in custody since July 28, 2020 when she met with gardaí by appointment at a south Dublin Garda station and was arrested over the sickening imagery found on her devices.