May 2023

Pervert discussed sexually abusing children to inpress oher perverts

A Wicklow man who discussed the sexual abuse of children in order to impress a number of transgender individuals, including convicted child sex offender and prostitute Bruno Binda De Souza (pictured below) has avoided jail after being handed a fully suspended three year sentence. 

Security guard Barry Nugent (34), of Church View, Arklow, Co Wicklow pleaded guilty to producing child sexual abuse images which he shared in the form of text messages between January 2016 and June 2018. 

Wicklow Circuit Criminal Court heard that Nugent had engaged in three conversations about the “sexual fantasies” of abusing minors with the transgender individuals with one exchange consisting of 424 messages where Nugent expressed that he would not go below teenagers. 

Discussing a 15 year old boy he reportedly said “Yes. That’s kind of hot. I wouldn’t mind filling him up.”

Nugent had come to the attention of Gardaí who were investigating Bruno Binda De Souza who last November walked free from the Midlands Prison after serving a 3 year sentence for the possession of thousands of what Judge Martin Nolan described as “depraved images of child pornography’

Nolan also commented that he didn’t think De Souza, who is also known as Bruna Meirelles with an address at Brabazon Hall, Cork Street, Dublin 8,  was a “bad person”, 

Detective Garda David Smith told the court that Nugent and DeSouza had exchanged text messages about drugging a child in order to sexually abuse them.

The discussion included calculations of the appropriate amount of sedatives that would need to be administered to the child so the pair could finish before the drugs wore off. 

In one of the exchanges when the transgender individual had expressed a love of having sex with 15-17 year olds, Nugent had responded with “Stop – me too. They are all so filthy.”

The transgender sex worker was allowed to leave prison and rejoin society despite assurances being given that he would be deported to his native Brazil on release. 

The court heard that Nugent had admitted meeting De Souza on several occasions to engage in casual sex after meeting him on a dating app, and that he had engaged in the discussions of sexually abusing children to be “kinky” and impress the “tall and domineering” trans identified male. 

During cross examination by defence counsel Edmund Sweetman BL, the witness accepted that Nugent had participated in the exchanges over the three year period in order to impress the transgender individuals. 

Nugent said he had only wished to “impress her and keep her interested”, and to “turn them on”. 

Judge Quinn was satisfied from the results of psychological analysis that Nugent does not have a sexual orientation towards young children and did not initiate the messages, rather participating in order to impress the transgender individuals.

Noting that the sexual abuse material, which was found to be in contravention of section 5 of the Child Pornography and Trafficking Act 1998, was not “not for wide internet consumption” Judge Patrick Quinn suspended the full term of the sentence.