May 2023

Disgraced Lanarkshire teacher banned from classroom after sending sex act videos to pupil

A disgraced Lanarkshire high school teacher has been removed from the register after sending sexual images, videos and messages to an S6 pupil.

Alexander Lamont was working at a secondary school in South Lanarkshire when more than 50 incidents occurred between August 2018 and February 2019 and claims against him were found proven by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) last week.

The pervert was found to have behaved inappropriately towards the student, known as Pupil A, whose mother was one of his colleagues.

The incidents began in August 2018 when pupil A volunteered as a teaching assistant for Lamont.

In September 2018, when a S2 pupil suggested that it would be inappropriate for Lamont and Pupil A to enter into a relationship, he responded “there isn’t that much of an age gap between us and Pupil A is very mature for her age”.

The incident escalated, with Lamont giving his personal email address to the pupil and sending her increasingly inappropriate messages.

These included: “I’m implying that I can’t remember if you said you’re 17 or 18…but you’re still an innocent wee thing regardless.”

He then told her to delete the emails and added her on Snapchat before telling her not to tell anyone he had added her on the platform.

Lamont emailed the pupil: “Jesus I am SO deleting these emails after tonight, maybe I like frustrating you. And maybe I’ll tell you if you promise to delete the emails after too so we don’t get in trouble, 18 or not this sort of conversation is definitely against the rules.”

He proceeded to send sexually explicit messages to the pupil on Snapchat, including telling he wanted to make her “scream daddy”.

Lamont also sent Pupil A indecent photos and a video of him engaging in a sex act and asked her to send images in return.

He later added her on the dating app Bumble, sending her messages such as “not long now till you’re a big girl”.

When the pupil told Lamont he had hurt her and raised concerns that he was using her, he responded “not f*****g this again”

In February 2019, Lamont emailed the pupil from his personal account, saying “I didn’t see you as a pupil, I saw you as my TA”.

He went on to tell her that no one would believe her if she spoke about the relationship, adding “how would your mum feel if she found out about her perfect little princess?”

An investigation was launched by South Lanarkshire Council after Lamont’s actions came to light and a hearing was later conducted by the GTCS.

Witness statements by the school’s head teacher and head of the English department at the school at the time of the incidents said they had no knowledge of Lamont’s behaviour.

The headteacher told the pupil “had felt used by the teacher as a ’sex object’ and was concerned that he would act similarly with other pupils”.

While a police investigation into the allegations was launched, the case was not taken forward due to insufficiency of evidence.

Lamont has now been removed from the teaching register and will not be able to reapply for two years.