August 2022

Sexually assaulted a woman after he stalked her for two years

A Kinross man has admitted sexually assaulting a woman after he stalked her for two years.

When his victim cried out for help, Jack Millard told her: Does it hurt? Does it? Good.

The 27-year-old sexually attacked the womans teenage sister just weeks later.

Millard was placed on the sex offenders register after he pled guilty to the assaults at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

The first-time offender, who admitted assaulting the woman while she was pregnant and also attacking a one-year-old child, will be sentenced next month.

The court heard that in November 2019 Millard sexually assaulted a woman while she was lying in bed, after she had refused to have sex with him.

Millard pulled the duvet off of her and forced down her pyjama bottoms, before abusing her and leaving her scratched.

He was told to stop, but responded by saying: Does it hurt? Does it? Good.

Millard fled when the woman screamed for help. He later returned to apologise.

In January 2020, he turned his attention to the womans sister, who was under 16 at the time, the court heard.

Whilst in the same property in Kirkcaldy, Millard seized the girl as she got up to go to a window.

He hugged her around her waist from behind.

The two were alone in the room and he placed her on the couch in a spooning position.

The girl reported feeling him press into her body.

Millard then proceeded to touch her private parts. He sat up and apologised when he was told to stop.

He told the girl that if she didnt say anything, she wouldnt need to see him again.

Police were contacted shortly after.

Millard admitted that for two years before the sexual assault, he had stalked the woman in Edinburgh, shouting, swearing and calling her names.

He also admitted attacking her on numerous occasions during the same time period, between 2017 and 2019.

At a property in the capital, Jack Millard, of Acermore Drive in Kinross, seized her, pinned her to a bed, sat on her to restrict her movement all while she didnt know she was pregnant.

Millard also pushed her on the body, causing her head to strike a wall, and repeatedly struck her on the head and squeezed his hands around her neck, restricting her breathing.

These attacks also left the woman injured.

Millard also pled guilty to an assault on a crying one-year-old boy in May 2019 while he was in a taxi in Edinburgh by covering his nose and mouth with his hands.

Sheriff Alison McKay continued his bail for reports until September 21 when Millard will be sentenced.