May 2023

‘Inhumane’ sex offender from Washington branded ‘monster’ as he is jailed for 28 years for ‘evil’ crimes

A serial child rapist has been branded a “monster” by victims who bravely faced him in court as he was jailed for 28 years.

Dangerous paedophile Trevor Cairns targeted three children and subjected them to horrific ordeals involving violence and threats.

All three, who are now adults, managed to find the courage to give evidence against him during two trials at Newcastle Crown Court, before he eventually admitted what he had done to them.

At his sentence hearing on Thursday, May 18, two of the people he targeted gave heartbreaking victim impact statements from the witness box, while he listened to what they said from the video link to prison.

The judge said the third victim found it “simply too horrific” to speak out publicly.

Speaking from the witness box, one of them told Cairns: “You are a monster.

“Your heinous actions have taken so much away from me.

“You are in an inhuman creature. I hope you never see the light of day outside of a prison cell. I hope you die alone and miserable, never experiencing love and happiness.”

The second said: “You are a calculated predator, a monster, rapist, evil abuser, sick.”

The court heard all three victims gave evidence against Cairns at an initial trial, which had to be aborted due to illness.

They then courageously got back in the witness box again and gave devastating evidence about what Cairns did to them before he finally confessed.

Cairns, 66, of The Terraces, Washington, admitted a total of 13 charges which included rapes against all three victims, indecency with a child and indecent assault.

Judge Robert Spragg said the victims had shown “enormous courage” in bringing Cairns to justice and that their evidence was “harrowing and heart rending”.

Judge Spragg told Cairns: “You could have destroyed their lives but they have managed to rebuild their lives and shown enormous courage in bringing you to justice.

“The effect on them was horrific.

“What you did to them was truly monstrous, I can’t describe it better than they did in their victim personal statements but I have to agree with their descriptions of you.”

Probation officials said Cairns offending was for “sexual power, control and sexual attraction to children”.

Judge Spragg told him: “You have been an extremely dangerous man throughout your life.

“You must never be left alone with a child.”

Cairns must sign the sex offenders register and abide by a sexual harm prevention order for life.

He was given an extra one year extended licence period on top of the 28 year sentence, of which he will serve at least two thirds.