May 2023

Vile Essex paedophile sent lurid sexual chats to ’14-year-old girl’ online before being confronted at allotment

A paedophile who engaged in lurid sexual chats with who he thought was a 14-year-old girl has been jailed.

Frank Baldwin sent vile messages to a decoy profile online including whether she “had had a boy between her legs yet”.

Baldwin, 48, of Blackmore End, Braintree, first began talking to the girl, who was actually a decoy from an online paedophile hunting group, on Facebook in January 2021.

Baldwin told her he liked her profile picture and made inappropriate comments about her body and the clothes and underwear she was wearing.

In March of that year, he asked the decoy if she, “had had a boy between her legs yet”, and continued to talk to her in this manner, as well as sending her pornographic images and videos. These chats went on for months into the summer of 2021.

In August of that year, members of an online paedophile hunting group confronted him at an allotment in Chippenham, East Cambridgeshire. Cambridge Police were called and Baldwin was arrested at the scene.

On Friday this year (May 12) at Peterborough Crown Court, Baldwin was jailed for two years and two months, having already admitted attempting to incite a girl under 16 to engage in penetrative sexual activity and attempting to cause a child to watch a sexual act.