May 2023

‘Monster’ paedophile from Leeds sexually assaulted 10-year-old and asked ‘Don’t you like it?’

A “monster” has admitted sexually assaulting a young girl after he was jailed for targeting another in Leeds.

The mother of the girl said paedophile Yusuf Hans had ruined the girl and her family after pleading guilty to two counts of sexual touching of the 10-year-old.

Hans, aged 54, was jailed in June of last year for 28 months for sexual assaults on another young girl who was just eight.

It was only after his conviction that the second girl stepped forward to say she had also been a victim. The second victim’s assaults predated the first and happened between 2017 and 2019.

She told police that Hans had touched her genitals under her clothing and then asked her: “Don’t you like it?” On another occasion he put his hands under her tops and stroked her chest.

He denied the offending through a prepared statement he gave to the police during his interview, then gave no-comment answers to all questions. He later admitted the charges.

Judge Rodney Jameson KC jailed him for 40 months in total, including the 28-month term he was originally sentenced to, with an additional 12 months.

He was put on the sex offenders register for 10 years.

In an emotional statement, read out at Leeds Crown Court by prosecutor David Bradshaw, the mother of the victim: “She was a happy, intelligent and talented child. These incidents have changed her a lot. She came out with the terrible news after knowing he had been sentenced for other offences. We understand how scared and worried she would have been.

“She suffered a lot of mental and emotional pain silently without telling us. He has ruined our happy family. He denied her freedom to live happy in life. We blame this monster Hans for this. The scars are deep in her heart and mind and which will probably never heal. He behaves likes a caring gentleman but is a monster.”

June 2022

Leeds abuser who ‘ruined’ young girl’s life is locked up

A Leeds dad told a court that his young daughter’s life had been “ruined” as the man who sexually abused her was locked up.

The girl was just eight years old when Yusuf Hans started abusing her almost three years ago.

Leeds Crown Court heard how he had inappropriately touched her on three occasions and kissed her on another.

The 53-year-old had admitted four counts of sexual assault between August 2019 and October 2020 at an earlier hearing.

Reading from a victim impact statement written by her dad, prosecution barrister Andrew Semple said: “She has nightmares and screams in the middle of the night. She still always asks ‘why me?’.

“She once saw his car and could not settle for a week.

“When we try to talk and ask about it, she said she feels ‘dirty inside’. This will remain with her – he has ruined my daughter’s childhood.”

The court heard that the girl had been feeling sad but was struggling to verbalise why, before telling her parents she was upset because the defendant had touched her.

Her parents arranged to meet Hans in a pub to confront him about their daughter’s allegations. He denied any involvement but later told his wife that he may have “accidentally brushed” a part of her body.

His wife told the girl’s parents what he had said and the police were called.

Jailing Hans for 28 months, Judge Robin Mairs said: “You told her to keep it a secret. She disclosed it eventually to her shocked and distraught parents.

“The introduction of sexual behaviour to children so young has a scarring effect on them, and a feeling of misplaced guilt that they have done something wrong.”

Hans, of Primley Park Mount, was also made the subject of a 10-year sexual harm prevention order.