April 2023

Ripley pervert downloaded horrific child abuse images including young babies

An “extremely depraved” paedophile downloaded hundreds of sick child abuse videos and images.

Descriptions of what the moving footage contained were read out at Derby Crown Court and included babies and both young girls and boys “distressed and in pain” as they were being abused for the pleasure of warped pervert Liam Hutchinson.

The 29-year-old’s sentencing hearing was told how he had been downloading files from the internet for a number of years before being caught when police raided his Derbyshire home in the summer of 2020. 

Jailing him for 10 months, Judge Robert Egbuna said: “It is quite clear you have a sexual interest in children of all ages and you have shown an interest in extremely young children. This is a case of such gravity that the court is left in a position that the appropriate sentence can only be immediate custody.

Alex Wolfson, prosecuting, said police received information that an internet address linked to Hutchinson was being used to access and download vile child abuse images. He said that, on August 5, 2020, officers conducted a raid at his home in Ripley and seized a number of electronic devices including the defendant’s mobile phone.

The prosecutor said the investigation concluded that there were 503 videos of the most serious category A type and 426 category A images.

Mr Wolfson said there were 225 category B films and 617 still pictures and 123 category C movies and 225 photographs.

He said: “There were also extreme images of animals, various animals. The forensic report on what was found is particularly distressing.

One such image showed a child aged three-to-six months and another was of a female aged two-to-three years old with a dummy in her mouth).”

Mr Wolfson said Hutchingson, of Lamb Crescent, was arrested and interviewed where he said he was sent pictures on an app and then deleted them.

He said: “He said he forgot to delete some of them and that he sometimes got chatting to people (online) who sent them to him. He said he didn’t know who they were.”