February 2023

Serial sex attacker who prowled tube stations before assaulting three women in two weeks

A serial sex attacker who prowled tube stations before assaulting three women in two weeks is jailed for almost five years.

Mohammad Yahia Alloush, 26, of High Road, NW10 attacked three commuters over the course of two weeks in 2021 and has now been sentenced to four years and 11 months in prison.

Alloush has also been banned from being within 50 metres of any tube, train or bus stop in London between 7pm and 7am for the next seven years after he was given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

A detective on the case called Alloush a ‘cowardly, predatory offender’ at his sentencing at Harrow Crown Court.

His first attack on September 5 saw him loiter around Dollis Hill Underground Station in north west London for around 20 minutes.

CCTV caught him following a woman out of the station and down a number of streets before violently attacking and sexually assaulting her.

Just days later on September 11, the 26-year-old confronted a second woman leaving the same station.

He demanded money then sexually assaulted her before running away.

On September 16, Alloush was seen leaving Neasden Underground Station and then approached his third victim in a nearby alleyway.

He sexually assaulted her before stealing her headphones and fleeing the scene.

CCTV at Dollis Hill Station the night of his first attack was used to identify Alloush – because he tapped his Oyster card when he got back to the station following the attack.

The Oyster card he used was registered to his home address and police arrested him on his way to work.

During these searches offices found a distinctive black and white striped t-shirt worn in the first attack which has been seen on CCTV.

The headphones taken in the third attack were also found in his bedroom.

A DNA swab taken from the first victim was subsequently linked to Alloush.

Extensive work was also carried out on his mobile phone which put him near the locations of the attacks at the times they occurred.

Victims read impact statements out to the court which told how they had been left fearful of leaving their homes after dark.

One victim said they had taken to carrying a colour spray with which to spray any further attacker and a whistle to attract attention.