February 2023

Sick pervert who drugged and raped girlfriend for 6 years locked up for 22 years

A twisted pervert who drugged and raped his girlfriend since she was 15 has been locked up for 22 years.

In August 2018, a women in her 50s, visited police to finally report years of abuse by her ex-partner, now-62-year-old Frederick Allchorne.

She told Sutton police that the sexual abuse had begun in the mid-1980s when she was just 15 years old, and throughout the relationship, sex had never once been consensual.

She was drugged and raped numerous times, and detailed how she had woken up on many occasions to find she was tied to the bed, with no recollection of how she got there.

He would also lock her in the house. On one occasion the victim woke to find her tongue rolling into the back of her throat which made her feel like she was choking, and she went to hospital. She managed to leave Allchorne in September 1991.

During the investigation a medical report was conducted, which found drug administration was likely. A psychologist diagnosed the victim with PTSD caused by the abuse she suffered by Allchorne.

She also suffered severe physical injuries from the time of the abuse, which continue to impact her life. The victim shared the mental toll the abuse has taken on her day to day, she said: “I work at a school and I can’t use the staff toilets, because it’s one door that you lock.

“I have to use the student’s toilets when they are in lessons. I can lock the door because I can get out if I got stuck by climbing over the top of [the cubicle]. I’m always looking for that escape route. I won’t get into my car, unless I know I have a way out. This is what I’ve been experiencing for many, many years.”

Despite everything she’s been through, the whole experience has left her feeling passionately that victims should come forward. “You have to do the right thing for yourself,” she said. “Because if you don’t, then it will catch up on you.”

Frederick Allchorne, 62, of Sycamore Close, Tidworth, Wiltshire was sentenced to 22 years’ imprisonment with a further eight years on an extended licence on Friday, February 24, at Croydon Crown Court.