March 2023

Powys sex offender failed to tell police about trip

A convicted paedophile from Welshpool with a history of “absolutely disgusting and revolting behaviour” against young girls has been jailed for 12 months after staying two nights in the same hotel room as a toddler without telling police.

Daniel Robert Henry Thomas, aged 34, of Leighton View, a registered sex offender, did not tell police or the probation service that he was going away with the child and their mother last year.

Thomas was sentenced at Mold Crown Court on Thursday (February 2) after pleading guilty to failing to comply with the sex offender register requirements which breached his six-month suspended sentence.

His Honour Judge Rhys Rowlands described the Welshpool grave digger as “arrogant” and a “risk taker” who deliberately didn’t tell police that he was going to stay at a place for at least 12 hours where a child would be present.

Sion ap Mihangel, prosecuting barrister, said: “It was a deliberate failure. He knew the requirements and he did nothing about it.

“The defendant was interviewed and, significantly, knew it was part of his requirements to contact police and he knew how to.

“He accepted that no attempts were made. It is clear from the officer’s statement he was reminded on several occasions of the requirements of the order.”

When defence barrister Laura Knightly told the court that Thomas had completed all the requirements of his sentence and had engaged well with the probation service, Judge Rowlands responded: “He sent a picture of an erect penis to a child. It seems remarkably lenient that Welshpool Magistrates’ Court gave a suspended sentence. It wouldn’t have happened here.”

Ms Knightly continued: “He says he forgot the terms of the requirements but was reminded by probation which is why he knew about them by the time he was spoken to by the police.”

The court was told that Thomas’ family members were in court to support him, which the judge said was “all the more worrying, really”.

Thomas has been a registered sex offender since 2012 and served a 28-month prison sentence after he was convicted of two counts of sexual activity with a child.

In 2019 he was fined by Welshpool Magistrates’ Court for failing to comply with a sexual harm prevention order (SHPO). A year later he was back in Welshpool court for breaching the order and was sentenced to six months in prison, but it was suspended for two years.

Two months after appearing in court he was convicted again for sexual communications with a child.

During sentencing, Judge Rowlands told Thomas: “The picture is depressing that you are simply not complying with court requirements.

“The custody threshold has undoubtedly been passed here. I’m of the view there aren’t realistic prospects of rehabilitation in your case.”

Thomas was sentenced to four months in prison for breaching his suspended sentence, and eight months for failing to comply with the sex offenders register.