February 2023

Faces of the two men who raped teenage girl in Royal Pavilion Gardens

These are the faces of two men who raped a 17-year-old girl in Royal Pavilion Gardens.

Ashley Lewis, 36, and Dylan Holden, 18, took advantage of the girl, who was too drunk to stand.

Lewis, described as a “sexual predator”, had never met her before.

He travelled down from London and spent an afternoon filming women on Brighton beach before meeting the girl.

After the rape, Holden, who was known to the teenager, claimed to have tried to protect her, despite having been involved.

Adele Kelly, deputy chief crown prosecutor for CPS South East, said: “While she was trying to piece together the events of the evening, Holden pretended he had tried to help her, despite the fact he and Lewis had raped the teenager.

“Each defendant had denied what they had done, choosing to blame the other, but our case was clear – that they were both involved in a joint attack.

“We are committed to bringing perpetrators of these horrific crimes to justice wherever our test is met.

“Women should be able to enjoy their lives, at whatever time of the day or night, without the fear of predators attacking them.

“We hope today’s sentencing will help the young victim’s healing process after such a traumatic incident.”

Both men were convicted of rape and sexual assault, while Lewis was also convicted of theft after stealing the girl’s bag, mobile phone, bank cards and purse, which were all found at his home.

Lewis was given a 16-year prison sentence at Lewes Crown Court on Friday while Holden was given a six-year jail term.

A jury had heard the girl remembered chatting to friends on Brighton beach but had no further recollection about the evening.

The attack was halted by passersby who intervened and put her in a taxi.

The men had not met each other prior to the attack in June 2021 but were linked to the case through DNA evidence.

Lewis, who also pleaded guilty to voyeurism, was also convicted of a separate incident where he sexually assaulted another 17-year-old girl in London.


  • Ashley Lewis [DOB: 01/02/1986] was convicted following a trial at Lewes Crown Court of the following charges relating to the attack on the woman in Brighton in June 2021: 

    • Rape or attempted rape 

    • Sexual assault 

    • Theft of the victim’s backpack, which was found at his home 

  • In addition, he was also convicted of the following offence: 

    • Sexual assault and assault by beating on a woman in London in October 2021 

  • Lewis also pleaded guilty to voyeurism – relating to filming women on Brighton beach earlier in the day of the attack – during his trial. 

  • Dylan Holden was convicted of the following offences: 

    • Rape or attempted rape 

    • Sexual assault