February 2023

Man jailed for violence against partner and kicking dog

A man has been jailed for two-and-a-half years after inflicting drunken violence on his former partner — as well as kicking and throwing her dog.

Carlisle Crown Court heard 37-year-old Richard Dobinson Burnsall Grange, Leeds had been in a relationship with the woman from 2021.

They had met in Cumbria, she hailed from Leeds and it was on a return visit to West Yorkshire that the first assault occurred last on May 1, 2022, during a row.

Dobinson grabbed the woman’s neck and threw her across the room, causing bruising to her hip and also breathing difficulties.

More violence flared at her address near Workington last July while she was in bed at 1am. Dobinson — who had been drinking — jumped over the bed, got the woman on the floor and began strangling her to the point she couldn’t breathe.

After she got to her feet and walked to the living room, Dobinson turned her around and headbutted her, causing bleeding and with a cut to her nose. “She wanted to go for medical treatment but the defendant would not let her,” said prosecutor Tim Evans.

A final incident occurred on August 15 when, in drink, Dobinson made a threat to bury the woman in the garden.

He then kicked her dog in the stomach, making the pet yelp, before picking it up by the shoulders and hurling it hard on to the concrete floor.

The next day she noticed that two of his front teeth and the gum attached had split away from the rest of the gum, said Mr Evans.

Dobinson admitted common assault, actual bodily harm assault, strangulation and an animal cruelty charge.

The court heard Dobinson had previous temper-related convictions on his criminal record

Judge Guy Mathieson imposed a 30-month prison sentence and a restraining order which bans Dobinson from having any contact with the woman indefinitely.