February 2023

Transgender Scots paedo’s Valentine’s Day sex attack on schoolgirl, 14, while identifying as a man

A transgender sex predator carried out a sex attack on a schoolgirl while living as a man.

Ryan Scott – who was born female – lured the schoolgirl back to their home after meeting up on Valentine’s Day last year.

The 20-year-old, who uses the name Coral Scott, pounced on the girl, who was just 14 at the time, and tried to engage her in sexual activity. 

After being caught, Scott set up fake social media accounts to abuse and threaten the victim.

The sex attacker has been on remand on Polmont Young Offenders’ Institution and is in the female wing of the prison – despite identifying as male since childhood.

Scott appeared at Dundee Sheriff Court on Friday under the birth name Coral and admitted to a series of charges.

Last night, the mum of the victim, who is now 15, said: “After it happened my child changed, she became withdrawn, even violent and wouldn’t speak to us. We knew something had happened. We didn’t know she had gone to meet someone

“Then a friend got in touch and said this person had told others they were going to be meeting our daughter. They also said the person was called Coral Scott. We kept asking our daughter, ‘Who is Coral?’ She said he was called Ryan. We didn’t understand.”

The 33-year-old parent from Dundee, who cannot be named for legal reasons, added: “It was weeks later when she finally told us this person had forced her to do things she didn’t want to do. She said she was traumatised and paralysed with fear when it was happening.

“It broke our hearts to see what this monster had done to our little girl. It destroyed our beautiful daughter. She was a child and whether he was a man or a woman, this is an were adult preying on a child.

Scott – designated on court papers as “Coral Scott, also known as Ryan Scott” – admitted “engaging in sexual activity with or towards” the 14-year-old girl.

In court, the pervert was referred to as Coral and is understood to be identifying as female in prison.

During a hearing, prosecutor Joanne Ritchie told the court the pair had developed a friendship on Snapchat through a mutual friend’s group.

Describing the attack, she said: “She and the girl met at the McManus Galleries in Dundee. She and the accused then travelled to the accused’s address by bus.

“They were initially alone and sat in the living room watching movies. A short time later the accused’s friend arrived. The accused’s behaviour changed and she began to show off by kissing and sucking the girl’s neck, leaving bruising.”

Scott then tried to pervert the course of justice by sending the schoolgirl death threats. The sex attacker used fake social media accounts to target her. Scott was reported to police and then traced and charged on May 1 last year.

Nine days later, when already subject to six bail orders, Scott sent threatening messages to the girl.

She received two voice messages from Scott, who said: “So see if I get the jail mate, you’re f***ed mate. You’re dead. You’re just a pure f***ing horrible c***.”

On April 29, the complainer was in her bedroom when she received a Snapchat voice message from someone called ‘Bob’, who was not known to her.

When she opened the message, she immediately recognised her attacker’s voice. Scott said: “See the next time I see you, you better not be in my scheme or I’ll f***ing do you.”

The sex attacker is housed in the female wing of HMP Polmont in Falkirk, which houses remand and convicted youngsters of both sexes aged between 16 and 21.

Scott, who turns 21 in June, could be moved to an adult prison if handed a jail term when she is sentenced on March 2.