February 2023

Transgender woman who exposed her ‘penis and testicles’ to police at her front door as she called one a ‘Nazi fascist’ is fined £320

A transgender woman who exposed her ‘penis and testicles’ when she opened her front door to two police officers has been fined £320, a court heard.

Jane Knightingale, 55, stood fully unclothed in the doorway of her house during a confrontation with the two constables who had been called to her house in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, following reports of a violent disturbance.

Knightingale then refused to allow the police officers into her home, called one a ‘Nazi fascist’ and said her name was ‘James Savile OBE’ when asked to identify herself during the drunken exchange on January 17, 2020.

She stood trial at Edinburgh Sheriff Court this week accused of obstructing police, making homophobic and racially offensive comments, as well as intentionally exposing herself to officers

The transgender musician, who court papers state is also known as Jason Pilley, was arrested and claimed she was bundled into a police van and taken to Livingston police station while still unclothed.   

PC David Hughes said he and a colleague found a ‘bloody handprint’ on the front door of Knightingale’s home following a report of a disturbance around 10.30pm.

He said he was left ‘shocked’ when Knightingale answered the door to them while fully naked.    

When procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie asked PC Hughes what he observed when the door opened, the officer said ‘her nakedness’ and ‘her penis’.

He also said the woman told him to ‘f*** off’ and called his colleague ‘a German Nazi fascist’.

PC David Jones also told the court he observed Knightingale’s ‘penis and testicles’ when she opened the front door.

The officer said he was called ‘a German Nazi’ and ‘a p**f’ and added the woman ‘kept calling herself James Savile OBE’ when asked what her name was.

Knightingale, originally from London, told the court she identified as ‘trans’ and as ‘a female’ while giving her evidence during last Monday’s trial.

Sheriff Fiona Reith found the charges of Knightingale making homophobic and racially offensive remarks had not been proven by the Crown.

But the sheriff did decide Knightingale was guilty of intentionally exposing herself to the officers and to obstructing them when they requested entry to her property.

The sheriff said: ‘As for charge five (intentional exposure) I accept the evidence of the police officers including the evidence of PC Hughes to the effect that Miss Knightingale was told to cover up and in fact her penis was on display.

‘In all the circumstances I am satisfied this charge was made out, however it was again at the lower end of the scale.’

Knightingale was fined a total of £320 for committing both of these offences