January 2023

Rapist jailed for sustained attack on woman in her home

Mitchell Gleave, 20/12/1995 of no fixed abode, appeared at Manchester Crown Square Crown Court for sentencing, after being found guilty of the following offences:

1x count of rape.

1x count of attempting to choke with intent.

1x count of making threats to kill.

1x count of assault.

1x count of robbery.

All offences relate to the same incident which occurred on Saturday 23 February 2019 at the victims home in the Wythenshawe area.

The court heard how the victim was at home on the Saturday morning in 2019, when Gleave who the victim knew vaguely as an acquaintance, knocked on her door asking to use her mobile phone which she agreed toGleave then left before returning to the victims home twice more asking to use the phone.

On the third occasion, Gleave became aggressive in tone, again asking to use the phone which the victim then declined.

Gleave blocked the victim from closing her front door before proceeding to put his hand around her neck, pushing her back into the house.

The victim recalled waking up on her living room floor, realising that Gleave had squeezed her throat to the point where she had become unconscious.

On regaining consciousness, the victim noticed Gleave using her phone while asking her questions, demanding to know if she had any cash in the house.

Gleave continued to squeeze the victims neck leaving her unable to speak and losing consciousness again, which happened several times.

Gleave put his hand over her mouth to silence any screams while sitting on top of her, punching the victim to the side of her body.

The victim made attempts to shout out of her window for help, before Gleave then threatened to kill her.

He then left the house and the victim ran out shortly after to find help nearby and the police were called.

The victim then suspected that while she had been unconscious Gleave had sexually assaulted her, he was later charged and found guilty of rape.