January 2023

Fury as tattooed trans beast who raped mums with ‘her penis’ sent to all-female jail

A trans woman (with a penis) has been jailed for raping two vulnerable women while she was living as a man and has been sent to an all female prison. 

Isla Bryson, 31, who was known as Adam Graham and had tattoos on her face like Mike Tyson when she carried out the sick attacks in 2016 and 2019, has been sent to Cornton Vale female prison.

Jurors were told during the trial that Adam Graham was now Bryson’s ‘dead name’.

Bryson, 31, yesterday showed no emotion as a jury convicted her of raping two vulnerable women after three hours of deliberation following a five day trial.

The court heard Bryson had preyed on the victims in 2016 and 2019 while living as a man but began living as a woman after being charged with the offences.

Bryson’s conviction comes amid a furious row over the SNP-Green government’s attempt to bring in a system of gender self-ID in Scotland.

He began identifying as a woman in 2020, whilst he was under police investigation 

During the trial Advocate depute John Keenan KC revealed Bryson is in the process of starting surgery to complete gender reassignment.

He revealed a letter from the accused’s GP, Dr Craig Napier, dated August 5 last year confirmed Bryson was “currently receiving the maximum recommended doses of Spironolactone and Finasteride” – a hormone prescription from Glasgow’s specialist sexual health service Sandyford Clinic.

The court heard she was also offered an appointment from the clinic within the next year with the intention of prescribing further hormone treatment.

However, prior to Bryson’s gender journey one of his victims told how she met Graham – a “muscular” man – after hooking up on the dating site Badoo in 2016.

The woman told how she began chatting with the accused “daily and nightly” before Graham move into her home in Clydebank where at first the accused was a “loving and caring person”.

However things changed when her family raised concerns about the relationship.

She recalled: “My family realised it before I could because I love head over heels.”

She then went on to detail the sex attack in Clydebank on September 16, 2016.

She told the jury she thought he was “coming in for cuddle” before carrying out the rape which she said felt “weird and wrong”.

Asked about the accused’s reaction when she asked him to stop, she replied: “He kept on continuing on with what he was doing. He was having sex with me without my permission.”

Recalling the day after the alleged incident, she said: “He knew people that could cause an attack or harm my family If I had said anything.

“I was more scared and sick to the stomach… I could not tell anybody because I wanted to protect my family.”

The woman’s sister also told the trial Bryson – who she knew as Adam Graham – had a facial tattoo like boxer Mike Tyson.

Asked by Mr Keenan KC to describe the accused’s appearance in 2016, she said: “His head was bald. He had a Mike Tyson tattoo on the side of his face. He was stocky, but not overly.”

The trial also heard from a second mum, aged 34, who met the then Graham on social media platform Bigo before meeting him face-to-face at her home in Drumchapel.

Mr Keenan asked the witness how Bryson was when they first met, she said: “He seemed relatively normal, to be honest.”

She told the court they had consensual sex before she had a change of heart.

Asked why, she replied. “He started biting. He pushed my two hands onto the bed and I was trying to push myself away from him.”

Asked if she had made it clear to Bryson she wanted him to stop, she replied: “It doesn’t matter how clearly you say it, when I say to someone to stop, you stop.”

Bryson insisted she only had consensual sex with both women as she gave evidence in her own defence, pleading: “I would never hurt another human being. I would never hurt any woman.

“I did not do it. I can swear on God, I did not do this, I did not do this.”

In his closing speech to the jury, Mr Keenen branded Bryson’s claims of consent as “incredible” and “unreliable” as he urged the jury to convict.

He went on to say Bryson’s testimony was “long and rambling” while both women gave the court “credible” accounts.

The jury found Bryson guilty before judge Lord Scott said: “Ms Bryson, you have been convicted of two extremely serious charges, this being charges of rape.

“A significant custodial sentence is inevitable.”

Bryson was placed on the sex offenders register and remanded in custody, sentence was deferred until February 28 for reports.