January 2023

Edinburgh sex offender requests transfer to women’s prison before release

An Edinburgh prisoner who abducted and raped his care worker is now wishing to be known as Claire as he is set to be released.

Albert Caballero, 50, of Edinburgh is requesting to be known as a woman which has stunned his guards at HMP Edinburgh. It is understood that he has asked for lipstick and eye make-up whilst changing the name he would like to be known as.

Caballero is close to being able to apply to be released back into the community.

Having served half his sentence he will be able to approach the Parole Board for Scotland.

Those on the inside of Saughton Prison have claimed that the bald Caballero had only recently made the alteration to be known as Claire. He is alleged to have told fellow inmates that he hopes to be transferred to a women’s prison before he is set free

Caballero’s request comes at a time where a new “self-ID” gender recognition law is sparking controversy and debate. The law that was passed by the SNP/Green Government has shockingly been blocked by the UK Government – the legislation is set to make it easier for trans individuals to change their legal sex.

In June 2019, Caballero was sentenced to eight years in jail, and was made subject to a supervision order for a further four years after he leaves prison.

He was placed on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely, while his traumatised victim has never been able to return to work. Caballero was detained just after the rape in December 2018, so his eight-year term was backdated to that date.

This means he has passed the halfway point and is understood to be preparing to apply to the Parole Board for release.